The Secret Behind Last Minute Travel - Sell your travel tickets.

The Secret Behind Last Minute Travel

It can be daunting and confusing trying to book a last minute holiday, flight or hotel room. Some sites tell you how many great bookings you’ve just missed out on – piling on more stress than you need. Some sites tell you how many people are currently viewing the same booking as you at that exact moment adding even MORE stress. Most bookings are much less expensive when you book in advance and the prices rise as it get’s closer to the travel date. With TransferTravel, we do the opposite. As a seller gets closer to the date of travel they want to get rid of their booking and starts offering the travel at a lower price. With all the confusion over when to book and the best time, we know that there is a simpler and different way…

The Secret: Make An Offer

Everything on TransferTravel is between peers in our marketplace, this means that the price is not fixed. Humans are behind the pricing and have motivation to sell. This is so different than large airlines and algorithms pricing flights and hotels.  TransferTravel’s prices are the complete 180 to large corporations. When the date gets closer to the time you want to travel airlines and hotels raise prices because they know the demand and panic is high. When you search for something on TransferTravel, the price will always be lower to the date of travel because the seller wants to sell their travel. On each listing the functionality to make an offer has been added to make this process simple and streamlined. The seller has the choice to accept or decline and you can send a message along with the offer.

How Do I Know I Am Getting The Absolute Best Price?

Making an offer can guarantee that you get the absolute best price. You can check the original price by going to book the same flight on the route or hotel room that you would be buying and then offer a competitive price to the seller.

Reinventing The Last Minute Travel Industry

With our complete difference to large corporations, hotels and airlines TransferTravel is changing the last minute travel industry. In a world that is always changing and technology rapidly expanding we have brought the human back into booking travel.

We want you to help share the secret, by spreading the message with others and telling us about the travel deals that you’ve found!

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