The Secret Behind Non-Refundable Travel Tickets - Sell your travel tickets.

The Secret Behind Non-Refundable Travel Tickets

When pre-booking travel we almost always select the cheaper, non-refundable tickets. We never anticipate having to cancel these plans due to unforeseen circumstances. A problem only arises when we stumble upon an issue that prevents us from committing to the travel we had pre-planned. How do we get rid of the tickets that we are now stuck with? was formed to provide the ultimate travel hack and the secret to retaining money spent on non-refundable travel plans that you can no longer use.

The Secret?

Transferring your travel to someone else!

Did you know that 80% of all travel tickets are transferable?

So, how does it work? 

Follow these 6 simple steps to transferring your travel bookings

1. First of all you need to check with your travel provider whether you can transfer your non-refundable booking to someone else, this is for any type of travel ticket (Hotel/Flight/Airbnb/Cruise/Train etc)

2. Once you are aware of the transfer policy, head over to and register either with your Facebook login or an email address (it’s free!)

3. You will now need to create a new listing for your unwanted ticket. Upload all the details associated to your travel plans and set the price for your booking.

4. Insert an image on your listing and wait for an interested buyer

5. Once you have an offer from a buyer, choose to either accept to reject.

6. If you have accepted, transfer over the names and provide the buyer with their new travel booking! You can retain the money spent on the ticket that would have been wasted and the buyer benefits from discounted travel plans. Win-Win!

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