How To Sell An Unwanted Flight

You never book a flight thinking you are going to cancel it so the less expensive non-refundable option is usually the more attractive option.

If you are stuck with an unwanted flight, what are your options? You may not know where to turn and experience the hassle that comes with calling up your travel provider and trying to get a refund or compensation for the flight.

Many airlines and operators charge big fines when it comes to cancelling a flight and sometimes this can leave you largely out of pocket. After taking off cancellation fees, all charges and hidden costs, you might not even make any of your money back and that’'s only with the companies that offer refunds! The only thing more painful than having to cancel your holiday? Having to pay for it when you're not able to enjoy it!

You don't need to worry, though, because you can sell non-refundable airline tickets online.

If you are left with a flight you need to cancel and aren't able to get a refund, you might be wondering “can I sell my airline ticket?” You now have the option to sell flights online and make your money back through


Can I sell my plane ticket to someone else?

You can!

If you need to sell your flight ticket, you need to find out if you can make a name change to your booking, which you can learn about below. Then, you can list it online and resell your flight to make money back on a non-refundable plane ticket.

List it on and your flights will be available for thousands of buyers to see.

Before you list in the marketplace, you will need to make sure you can change the name on your booking. Most airlines allow a flight ticket name change for a small fee; in fact, 80% of all travel plans are transferable. The cost of a name change is around £40-£50 but some charge more, like Ryanair, so make sure you get in touch with your airline to find out the name change fee.

Make sure to check out our post about budget airlines’ cancellation and refund policies. Be aware that some airlines do not let you make any alterations to your booking which you can find out more about in our full list of European airlines name change policies or click on the graph below for UK and Irish name change policies.


graph of name change fees for uk & Irish airlines


Where to sell plane tickets

Sell your flights on

This means your listing can be seen by more people than anywhere else in the world!

In just a few easy steps, you can post a listing on, change the details on the ticket and transfer your documents. There are thousands of buyers in our secure marketplace who want to buy unused airline tickets. Not only are they looking for great deals, but they’re also wanting to participate in the sharing economy and help someone like you get rid of your unwanted flights.

In the past, anyone with a flight that they can no longer use was either stuck with it or went to websites like Craigslist or Facebook to try to sell it to someone, although this isn't always successful or reliable. enables people to speak with other real people within a community of like-minded individuals. We connect sellers to buyers who are looking for second-hand flight tickets. On top of that, our payment process is secure and trustworthy, protecting both you and the buyer throughout the whole transfer.


How to sell your plane ticket to someone else

Creating a listing is simple and easy and just takes a few minutes.

Step 1: Click sell, choose your category and then add all the relevant information like location, date and time.

Make sure you outline any details of name transfer fees or extra charges before you sell your flight ticket. Add as many details as you possibly can to your ad because this appeals to the buyer more; check out our helpful guide to selling. When someone can understand what they are buying and who they are buying from, that builds trust and they are more likely to buy from you. For instance, we recommend signing in with social media accounts to make your profile more accessible to others. Don't worry, you don't need to exchange critical information with other people as you can communicate through

Step 2: You will also need to decide on a price to sell it for. Although it is tempting to try and make all your money back, don't forget that the buyers in this market are looking for a bargain. You can always re-price your flight after a few days or even hours because all listings are amendable.

Step 3: When you sell your flight, you will be connected with the buyer in a private message. This is so you can get their details and make the name change without having to share personal contact details.

Step 4: Once you have made the name change you must upload your documents within 72 hours so the buyer can download and use them. When the entire transfer process is complete, we take a small admin fee of 15% but only when everything is completed.


two people shaking hands


How to make a name change

Name changes are easy to make and take no time at all.

A lot of airlines have an online portal that you can make any alterations you need. Just make sure you have your booking reference to log in and a credit or debit card to hand to pay any fees. Other airlines might require you to do it over the phone so you can get in touch with their customer service call centre to make your name change. Find out more in our post about name changes to flights and vacations.


Is it secure to sell my flights to someone else online?

Here at, we pride ourselves in transparency and trust.

On other websites where you might sell your flight like Craigslist or Facebook, they aren't regulated for transactions so there's no way of knowing if the other person is being genuine, if the tickets are real, or if you'll actually see your money. We want you to feel safe using our website, from signing up to buying and selling travel. This is why we've worked hard to implement our secure payment platform, and encourage transparency and accountability from all of our users. 

In October 2018, we were awarded the Trust Seal by Sharing Economy UK which means we always have best practice in our business. This assures you that when you use our website, integrity and security are of the utmost importance to us. is officially recognised for our responsible sharing economy practices.

So are you ready to sell your flight? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing flights in the marketplace right now!



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Posted 16 March 2018

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