How To Sell Festival Tickets + Accommodation Together

If you haven't heard the news yet, we are accommodating for the buying, selling and transferring of festival tickets with their accommodation on in the travel marketplace. We know that buying festival tickets usually means booking months in advance. It's not just the festival that you need to book but the travel surrounding the actual festival. Many times flights, hotels and trains must be booked. If these are non-refundable and you can no longer go to the festival then you are forced to either lose the money or try and reschedule the booking. Instead of having to do these things we are offering an alternative of selling and transferring your travel plans that you can no longer use.

1. Check The Ticket Transfer Policy

The first thing that you need to do is check the terms and the transfer process for your ticket. This is as easy as checking on the website of your festival or on your actual ticket.

2. Set Up An Account

The second step of how to sell festival tickets on is registering and setting up an account. This is easy and requires just a couple pieces of information. Creating an account is free and easy! Our biggest suggestion is to sign in using your social profiles.

3. Create A New Listing

You can create a new listing by clicking on the sell button on the top right hand corner of the website. Creating a new listing is easy and simple and just requires a few details to be added in the listing process. The information that you will need to add are things such as dates, locations, festival name and location as well as how many tickets you are selling. Add a title and description to your listing and a photo.
4. Sell & Transfer Your Listing

Once you sell your travel plans you have 72 hours to transfer all the details and travel plans to the buyer. You can upload evidence of the name change in a message that is created between you and the buyer. Once they travel to the festival, 24 hours after that the seller is payed.

Create A New Festival Listing



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Posted 15 January 2018

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