Sell Your Holidays That You Can't Use!

Did you know that selling a holiday that you can't use is actually a thing? Yes, you can make money back from selling a holiday that you can no longer use. However absurd it may sound, it’s really a thing. Remember how last year you planned on travelling with a holiday booking including a flight and a hotel booking. Remember how distraught you were when you had to cancel your plans because your dog became ill and couldn't be left? And we are sure you remember how terrible it was to get on long calls with the hotels convincing them to cancel the booking but they just did not understand, because a dogs illness isn't part of their cancellation policy? To cut a long story short, you lost all the money on your expensive hotel booking and flights! Okay maybe this isn't your story specifically or nobody’s in particular but a lot of people can relate to it and we don’t want you to be one of them!

Selling and transferring your holiday with allows you to transfer your bookings to a buyer without losing all your money. As long as your booking is transferrable and non refundable you can easily transfer it to someone else. Ok so coming back to selling holidays, in case you have an existing non refundable booking that you cannot enjoy yourself and losing money on, with you have the option to lure buyers to buy your booking. You will need to quote a slightly lower price than the original price, as an incentive for buyers and instead of losing all the money you compromise and lose very little. is built on a foundation of trust and reliability and offers complete security to its users. The platform built upon a mutual beneficial needs that is divided three ways - the seller, the buyer and us! Our success lies in your satisfaction! At we cater to all kinds of travel bookings, allowing you to sell holidays and save time and effort. We have a large pool of existing users who trust us with their holiday selling and buying, thus giving you the chance to reach out to a larger buyer base. The ever increasing number of users are a mark of our quality services and a pool of benefit for selling holidays.

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Posted 17 November 2017

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