How To Sell A Hotel Reservation

Are you compelled to cancel your vacation plans because of some emergency and do not know what to do about your hotel reservation? Would you like to get your money back? Obviously you would (we would too!). What if the reservation is non-refunbdale? We are your solution to all your problems - Transfer Travel.

This is the platform where you can transfer vacation tickets and hotel reservations to another person's name and get your money back. What can be better than that? If you want to know how this is possible read on to find out:

  1. You need to register yourself on the Transfer Travel website as a seller. While signing up you need to create your profile where you need to provide your details and preferably the link to your social media profile to increase your credibility.

  2. The next step is to add your listing - the hotel reservation which you are offering. The location, date and time of booking meed to be clearly mentioned. You also need to select your preferred mode of receiving payment from the buyer. Any extra fees required for name changing should be stated.

  3. Now you are ready to go! Whenever somebody searches on the Transfer Travel portal for the destination and date of reservation that you are offering, your listing appears on their screen. If a buyer makes an offer by getting in touch with you and if you accept it. the deal is considered final. Transfer Travel charges a 15% fee after the payment is made the buyer and you send the travel documents.

This is a simple and easy process which does not take very long. Within a few minutes you can get listed on the website as a seller. It is not difficult to find a buyer because there are thousands of people using Transfer Travel all over the world. Somebody is sure to be interested in travelling to the destination of your reservation on the date of the booking.
Benefits Of Using Transfer Travel

As the name suggests you can transfer your travel plans to somebody else by providing the buyer with flight tickets or reservations. This is a huge advantage for those who have non-refunbdale reservations because they have no chances of getting the money back on cancellation. With the help of Transfer Travel, they can just transfer the booking to another person's name and then get an indirect refund. It is a win win situation for both the buyer and the seller. 


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Posted 5 December 2017

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