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Selling hotel reservations and hotel bookings in a peer to peer environment has never been easier now that has created the dedicated platform for buying and selling all kinds of bookings that can no longer be used. We always suggest that you check that your booking's name can be changed and that you have pre-paid for the hotel. Most reservations made nowadays are non-refundable, but transferrable in name!

TransferTravel hopes to reinvent the last minute travel industry and provide a true solution to someone who can no longer use their hotel booking. We want to make sure that there is no wasted travel plans that can't be used, putting money back into the local economy of where the hotel is located.

How To Sell Your Hotel

Steps For Selling Your Hotel Reservation & Booking On

Create A New Account

Creating a new account is simple and easy and only takes a few minutes to do. Once you have an account you can easily set up your listing and you're ready to sell.
Create A New Listing accommodates for the selling and transferring of all kinds of travel plans that can no longer be used. Hotel bookings and reservations must be pre-paid and the name on the booking must be able to be changed. The good news is that most hotel reservations and bookings can easily have the name on the booking changed. You will just need to call the hotel and amend the booking that you have.
Sell Your Booking

When a buyer is interested in your hotel reservation or booking they can contact you through our website to ask any additional questions. Once they have decided on your booking they can purchase it through PayPal on our website and you will be connected in a new message with the buyer. There you can ask for all their details that are needed for the transfer to take place. You will have 72 hours to transfer all details to the buyer and for them to accept the transfer.


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Posted 1 December 2017

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