Policies For Non-Refundable Hotel Reservations

Can I make a change to my hotel reservation?

Do you have a hotel booking that you can no longer use? Cancelling a pre-booked hotel room can result in cancellation fees. The solution? Transferring the reservation to another guest! Transferring is the easy and cost-effective solution to bookings that might otherwise go to waste.


How do I transfer my hotel booking?

It’s simple, you just need to change the name on your booking so that another person can use it. Once you do this, you can create a listing on TransferTravel.com where thousands of buyers are looking for a great deal on cancelled hotel rooms.

It’s important to check if you can make a change to your reservation before you create a listing as some hotel policies don’t allow for amendments after you’ve paid for a room. Below is a list of all the big hotels and their terms and conditions, but if you’re unsure, please do get in touch with your hotel and double check with them.



Marriott hotel rooms can be changed online. Click on ‘My Trips’ on the website, then under ‘Look up a Reservation’, enter your confirmation number, check-in date and your name. When you see your booking, you can amend it. Bookings paid for with Marriott Rewards cards or using a promotion might not be as easy to modify so contact the hotel directly if you are unsure.


If you have a reservation at a Hyatt hotel, then you can make some changes online and some by phone. Log in using your name and confirmation number to make changes, however some won’t be available online, in which case you can get in touch with the Hyatt customer service team to make a name change.


When you book with Fairmont hotels, you can change bookings online. Click ‘Retrieve/Cancel’ on the hotel’s website, then click ‘Change’ and submit your amendments.


If you have a booking with the Hilton group, whether or not you can make a change will vary from location to location. Hotels within the Hilton brand have an unclear booking change policy as it will depend on the individual hotel if you can make an amendment. However, if you call their customer service team, they can tell you what changes you can make.

Holiday Inn

Your booking with any of the hotels under the Holiday Inn name or part of the IHG group can be altered. Under ‘Planning & Reservations’, click ‘Manage Your Stay’ and enter your confirmation number and last name. Change the name and submit it to update your hotel reservation.


Changes to Ibis hotel reservations will depend on the rate you paid so check your booking confirmation to find out if you can make any amendments. If you can, go to the ‘Review or cancel your reservation’ section of the Accor Hotels website or call the hotel directly.

Premier Inn

If you have a Premier Inn Flex fare room, making changes to your booking is easy. Just head to the Premier Inn website and log into your account. However, if you paid for a Saver room, unfortunately you can’t amend your booking.

Best Western

To change your Best Western reservation, go to the ‘Check Reservations’ section of their website and enter your name and confirmation number. Bookings made at a Best Western hotel can be changed online only if you originally booked through the website otherwise you will have to get in touch with the individual hotel directly.


If you booked a hotel room with Latedeals.com, you will only be able to make a name change with the hotel directly, not through the Latedeals.com website. This is because they are a travel aggregator, meaning they search through several travel sites and compare them for you. All their cancellation, refund and name change policies will entirely depend on the individual company.


Booking.com is another travel aggregator so your eligibility to change your reservation will be down to the hotel itself. We recommend getting in touch with the hotel directly and finding out what their policy is rather than contacting Booking.com’s customer service team.


If you booked a home through Airbnb which you need to amend, go to the ‘Your Trips’ section of the website or app. Click on the relevant booking, then ‘Change Reservation’. Make the change and submit it for the host’s approval.


So you can make a name change to your hotel room booking what next? Find out how to sell your hotel reservation online in our step-by-step guide.


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Posted 9 November 2017

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