How To Transfer A Hotel Voucher

There are a couple ways that you could possibly be stuck with a hotel voucher that you could not use. Perhaps you have received it from the hotel itself or as a gift or reimbursement. But what happens when you can't use the voucher? You may want to give it to a friend, but they can't use it either. Look no further, because you can sell your hotel voucher on TransferTravel safely, securely and to an audience of international buyers. Since most vouchers are bought and used online now they can be easily transferred and used by someone else.

Where Can I Transfer My Hotel Voucher?

You can sell your hotel voucher on TransferTravel in our Travel Marketplace. We are the dedicated online marketplace to buy and sell all unwanted travel tickets, vouchers and travel bookings. We offer a peer to peer platform to buy and sell between individuals. This means that we offer the platform to buy and sell and then we put all the power into the buyer and sellers hands. 

How Do I Know If I Can Transfer A Voucher?

All vouchers can be sold to other individuals and transferred. The best way to double check if you have any questions is to communicate directly with the provider of the voucher. You can email or call them and speak to someone directly and they will make sure to let you know the correct procedures for that specific hotel voucher.

What Price Should I Price The Voucher At?

We always suggest with anything being sold on TransferTravel that you offer a discount for potential buyers. Even at 10% off this gives potential buyers something appealing about your listing. When someone can get a deal they are more likely to purchase your voucher. Buyers have the opportunity to message you so be aware, and check you emails for any prompts that you have a message from a potential buyer.

How Do I Actually Transfer The Voucher?

Once you have sold your hotel voucher you will be notified by and a message service will be active in your "Sold Items" category of your Dashboard. From there you can exchange name and details with the buyer and upload the appropriate documents for them. All of this must be done within 72 hours to make the transaction complete and safe.

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Posted 3 August 2017

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