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Selling unwanted vacations... If like most of us, you like to plan your vacation in advance, you might have experienced the hassle that comes with having to cancel your plans closer to the date than you would like to. Any number of things can get in the way of a pre-booked vacation, and sometimes the last option you have is to cancel. From breaking up to an unplanned sickness you never book a vacation thinking you are going to have to cancel.


Can I Get A Refund On My Vacation?

This will depend entirely on who you booked your vacation with as many companies will have a strict no-refund policy. Many travel operators and airlines charge big fines when it comes to cancelling a vacation, and sometimes this can leave you majorly out of pocket. After taking off cancellation fees, all charges and hidden costs, you might not even make any of your money back, and that's with the companies that offer refunds; many only sell non-refundable tickets. And what’s more painful than having to cancel your holiday? Having to pay for it anyway!

What if you could skip the hassle and headaches and just sell your vacation to someone else? An international buyer looking for a great deal!


Can I really sell my pre-booked vacation to someone else?

Yes, most vacation companies, airlines, and excursion operators allow you to change the name on a ticket for a small fee, and so selling your unwanted vacation to someone else can be an easy way of making some of your money back. You can make the transfer by changing the name on the original booking and talking to your travel provider directly about all the further details.


Can I change the name on my tickets for my unwanted vacation?

If you're selling your unwanted vacation, you should call your vacation provider to check that the names on the tickets can definitely be changed. Although most airlines and vacation operators will let you change the names, some don't, and so you need to double check this before trying to sell your vacation. If you booked a vacation with Expedia, Kayak, or, check out our cancellation guides. However, it is important to note that these websites are travel aggregators not travel providers, so they don't have their own policies when it comes to name changes. Instead, it will be the individual hotel, airline or holiday provider who determine the T&Cs about booking amendments. 


What are the name change fees?

Most airlines charge £30 - £50 for a name change, but each one will stipulate their own terms. Hotels, on the other hand, are usually free to change the guest on a reservation. Make sure you outline any details of name transfer fees or extra charges before you sell your vacation. You can offer to cover these costs as a further incentive to sell, but ensure you state what your expectations are in your listing, and of course check all the fees so you're not left out of pocket.


Where can I sell my vacation online?

In the past, anyone with a vacation, hotel reservation or flight to sell would have headed to regular online listing sites and online forums or even Facebook. The security of these is never guaranteed, and so you can't be sure you're dealing with genuine buyers and sellers. We have stepped in to offer users a safe and dedicated place to sell unwanted vacations and all kinds of travel plans. 


How do I sell my vacation?

It's quick and easy to list a vacation on the TransferTravel website. 

1) Create an account. You can use your Google+, Facebook or Twitter accounts to log in. Don't worry, nothing will be posted to your social media profiles without your permission. 

2) Create a listing with all the details of your vacation, such as the date, destination and any extras that are included. If you need any help creating a listing, check out our top tips for selling or start a live chat with our friendly customer service team. We'll then make sure everything is in order and list it in the marketplace. 

3) When someone wants to buy your vacation, we'll connect you with them so you can exchange any details needed for a name change. Get in touch with your travel provider and amend your booking. 

4) Upload the new document to the website within 72 hours for the buyer to download. As soon as they use your travel plans, we'll send you your money. We do take a small commission of 15% but this is only once the entire transfer process is complete. If you don't sell, we don't take a penny. 


Will I make my money back selling my unwanted vacation?

Once you've made the decision to sell your vacation instead of cancelling it, you will need to decide on a price to sell it for. Although it is tempting to try and make all your money back, buyers in this market are looking for a bargain. They will happily take your holiday off your hands, but it's not likely they will want to pay the full market value. Look to a percentage discount to encourage buyers.


What details do I need to add to my ad for my unwanted vacation?

Add as many details as you possibly can to your ad because this appeals to the buyer more. When someone can understand what they are buying and from who that builds trust and they are more likely to buy from you. Signing in with social logins makes your profile more accessible to others. You don't need to exchange critical information with other people because you can exchange details like emails and phone numbers in our message system within our website. Our money exchange platform is secure and trustworthy to you can make sure that buyers are getting exactly what is advertised and sellers know that the sale is legitimate.




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Posted 21 February 2018

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