How To Sell Off Your Festival Ticket + Camping

Selling your festival tickets couldn't be easier than listing them on Before we proceed on how to sell off your festival ticket, there are a couple of things you must take into consideration with respect to the different elements which make up a festival ticket. If you are among the over 80 percent of festival attendees who need to travel to the festival state or country from another region, then you will typically have to book for the following in advance alongside your festival ticket; a flight ticket from your home to the festival location and a camping ground or accommodation booking as well for your lodging during the festival.

In the event that you won't be able to use your festival ticket anymore. you will as well have to sell your flight ticket and your camping ground reservation too. Package deals like this are always good especially when selling to someone on After listing the ticket for the your festival, transport and accommodation on the buyer that finds your tickets will communicate with you any details that you will need for the name change etc. You will have 72 hours from the time of selling to transfer all the tickets and upload them for the buyer. Listing is simple and easy and you just need to take into consideration these steps.

Create An Account On The Website

Creating an account on is very easy and shouldn't take you over a couple of minutes to complete. After creating an account, a confirmation mail will be sent your email used in creating your TransferTravel account. Go ahead and click the link to activate your account.
List Your Festival Tickets For Sale 

In listing your festival ticket, be sure to upload a picture of either the festival ground from previous years (as attractive pictures always pull buyers) these photos should be copyright free and legal to use. Interesting and straight to the point details are always the best as well.

When entering the description for the listing make it clear exactly what is included in the tickets.
Sell & Transfer 

Once you sell your tickets then you have 72 hours to transfer all details.

  • Before selling your plane ticket, festival ticket and or camping reservation you must check with the policy of the ticket providers whether or not the tickets are transferrable in name


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Posted 8 December 2017

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