How To Sell Off Your Travel - Sell your travel tickets.

How To Sell Off Your Travel

What do you do when you have a flight, holiday or hotel reservation that you can no longer use? We have seen so many people in countless situations where they can no longer use the plans that they have pre-booked. Pre-booking your travel plans is 9 times out of 10 the cheaper option so we understand when people have plans that they have booked perhaps months ago that they can no longer use. Most of those pre-booked options are non-refundable, which can be a major problem when something unexpected pops up. Almost 80% of bookings are transferrable though! This means that instead of not being able to cancel your booking or worse just not using your booking, you can transfer the name of the booking!

Did you know that you can sell off travel tickets and transfer the name?

80% of all travel bookings are transferrable. This is a great thing for those people that are not able to use their booking. Flights are mostly transferrable, some airlines do not let you transfer the name on a booking or charge a large fee. Hotels are very easily transferrable and there is usually no charge. All other travel plans can be transferred either in the name or in person.

How Can I Sell Off Unwanted Travel?

The simplest answer is yes. is a platform that allows you to sell off your unwanted travel to other people looking for a great deal. The site allows for all non-refundable and transferrable travel plans to be sold, bought and transferred. To make sure that your ticket is transferrable we suggest that you contact your travel provider directly to see what the transfer policy is. There is sometimes a fee associated with changing the name on a ticket or you cannot do this. We suggest that you check in with your travel provider before selling.

How Do I Sell Off My Unwanted Travel Plans?

First, you need to sign-up and register on You can sign-in using a social login that will pull through your profile photo. This instills trust into buyers and adds to the open and transparent aspect of our platform. The next thing to do is upload a listing. Click sell, and add all the details required including a small description and title of your listing. It is much the same as when you sell something on any classified site. The more details that you add and appealing you make your listing the more likely you are to sell off your travel.

What should I include in the ad to sell off my travel?

You should add as much as possible to your listing to make is appealing for a buyer. We suggest adding high-quality photos, a good description, a link to a video, a great title and all details that are required from itself.

Will I make money back when I sell off my travel?

The amount of money you make back on your ticket is down to you. allows buyers to make offers to sellers on the listings that they are interested in. It is then down to the seller as to whether they want to accept an offer for their ticket at a discounted price or reject. The marketplace is an opportunity for sellers to make money back on tickets that are non-refundable and would otherwise go to waste.

If you have any other questions about selling your unwanted train tickets, contact our support team at

Happy buying & selling!

The Team