How To Sell My Ski Holiday

Skiing and snowboarding season is almost here, snow is falling and people are hitting the slopes. Whether you go every year or have planned a huge ski holiday this year for the first time - you never expect that the unforeseen will happen...that you won't be able to go!

Can I really sell my pre-booked ski holiday?

Selling a ski holiday is simple and easy with to another in our peer to peer marketplace. The first step is to contact your travel provider and check their terms and conditions as per their name change policy.

Where can I sell my ski holiday?

You can sell your ski holiday on in our holiday category on the website, or accommodation if you just have a chalet. The first step to selling your holiday on is registering and creating a listing. Creating a listing is simple and easy and a short three step process. We ask for all details like destination, check in time and check out time and date.

Will I make all my money back on my ski holiday?

Making money back on your ski holiday is directly affected by what you price your listing at. You can set your ski holiday at whatever price point you want
What shall I include in my advert for my ski holiday?

Add as much detail to your listing as you can. When making your listing it is a three step process where we ask you to provide the category of your travel plans, the date, the location and a short description and title for your listing.

Can I definitely change the names on my tickets for my ski holiday?

We always suggest that you check with your travel provider, hotel and holiday planner. Most accommodation and hotels allow names changes without a fee or penalty.

When should I transfer all the name change details for my ski holiday?

Once the buyer buys your ski holiday a new message will be created between you and them and then you will have 48 hours to change and upload the details of your new travel plans to


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Posted 1 November 2017

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