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If you need to sell a flight ticket, hotel room or other non-refundable travel plans, it's easy to sell it online and make some of your money back. Setting up a listing on is an easy three-step process and will only take a few minutes.


How To Create A Listing To Sell Your Travel Booking

If you can make a name change on your booking, then you can easily make a listing on Creating a new listing is simple and easy and only takes four steps and a few minutes.

Step 1: Create an account. You can log in using your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts if you want, or just use your email address. Don't worry, this doesn't let us post anything on your page.

Step 2: Click "sell" on the top right-hand corner of the website when you are on the homepage. From there we ask for all the details from your travel plans. You should include things like title, description, location, dates and all other relevant information. We also ask for your booking reference number, which is only for our records and will not be shared on your public listing.

Step 3: As soon as you sell your booking, you will be connected by the buyer via a private message from within our platform where you can get their details and make the name change. Once you have the correct information you can contact your travel provider directly to make the changes.

Step 4: After you have made the name change, you must upload the new documents within 72 hours so the buyer can download them. You don’t need to worry about fees if your listing is not purchased, as the site will only charge a 15% fee after your holiday is sold and the transfer process is complete.


Top Tips For Selling

We often get questions about how to sell a listing and make sure that it gets sold. While we can't guarantee that someone will be looking for your exact booking at the exact time you are selling it, there a number of things that you can do to increase the chances of your listing selling.


1. Sell Your Travel Plans For Less Than You Paid

You can't sell tickets for more than you originally paid as our site is here to help people out who genuinely need it, not to make a profit. Nothing is sold at above face value.

On top of that, everyone loves a discount and at, we encourage offering a discount on your listing to compete with industry prices. This makes your listing more attractive to a potential buyer. Discounts show up on the top left of each listing when they are searched so they're one of the first things a buyer will see.


2. Show Everyone Who You Are

Transparency is key on our platform and uploading a profile photo makes your listing more personal. It builds trust between you and a buyer. Adding a profile image is easy, just visit and visit your Dashboard. From there you can view your profile and edit your photo.


3. Write A Descriptive Listing Title

A good listing includes where your listing is going to and from, how many tickets and what kind of ticket it is. This lets potential buyers know from a glance what your listing is for, increasing the chances of them viewing your listing.

Example of a great title: Manchester – Tokyo Return Flight Ticket x 3

Poor title: I'm selling my ticket from the UK to Spain

It doesn't specify if it's just a flight or part of a package holiday, or which airports the flight is departing from or arriving at. These are two important things for a lot of people which could stop them from even clicking on your listing.


4. Be Transparent

Being honest and trustworthy is key on and being transparent. We're a peer-to-peer marketplace so it helps for people to be able to relate and communicate with you. Letting people know why you can no longer use your booking is a great place to start.


5. Be Available For Questions Or Counter Offers

Although you describe all of your travel plans that you are selling, add great photos and set the price right, buyers might still have questions. If you answer them in good time, then they'll be much more inclined to buy your listing. They also might want to make an offer on your listing and ask for a slightly lower price. This is worth taking them up on if it's a reasonable offer. 


6. Provide Great Photos

Potential buyers like visual ideas of where they could go. We suggest that adding a photo of the landscape or area of your destination is a great idea. It's important to use copyright free images. Here a few of our top choices for websites where you can get free image:, Unsplash, and Pexels. You can also add supporting documents but we recommend blocking out the booking reference number or any other information that is sensitive to your booking.


7. Share Your Listing On Your Social Media Accounts

We market your listing to our network of travel sites and communities but we suggest connecting with us and sharing your listing within your network as well. The more people who see it, the more likely it is to get snapped up!


If you need any guidance with making your listing the best it can be, our friendly customer service team is happy to help. Just open the live chat box to get started!


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  • Be Available For Questions Or Counter Offers
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Posted 18 September 2017

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