How To Sell An Unwanted Cruise - Sell your travel tickets.

How To Sell An Unwanted Cruise

A cruise is something that you book ahead, and look forward to months in advance. No matter where you are cruising, the Mediterranean or a River Cruise down the River Rhine in Germany you have saved and bought and looked forward to this cruise and now you can no longer go. For whatever reason, you may not be able to go on your pre-booked and well looked forward to cruise. There are many things that insurance companies don’t cover you for and some cruises are even non-refundable.

Is there a place for people to sell their cruise tickets?

Yes, you can sell your unwanted cruise online at accommodates for all kinds of travel plans including hotels, flights and cruises. Listing is easy and adding your cruise tickets by just making a new ad is easy and simple. Once you choose to sell your cruise you will be sent through a three step process where you can list all the details of your travel, add a short description and a photo.

Where can I sell my cruise? has a dedicated section for selling unwanted cruises that can no longer be used. is the dedicated platform for selling all type of travel plans.

I have a cruise all paid for and can’t get a refund for that I am unable to go on now, what can I do now?

You can sell your cruise to someone looking for a great last minute cruise deal. We have thousands of visitors that are looking for great deals everyday and we actively market to them.

Can I definitely change the name on my cruise?

You should speak directly with your travel provider and they can tell you if you can change the name on the cruise booking.

What should I include in my ad?

There is a three step process for listing your unwanted cruise. First you will need to choose “sell” and then “create new listing” and you will be guided through the process. First you will be asked to add dates of your cruise and where it is departing and arriving. The second step is adding a description and photo. In the descpription you can add any important details that are important for your listing. The third step in the process is adding details about payment details. You can outline what payment method you would like to be paid with and if there is a name change fee and if its included in your listing.

Will I make back the money on the cruise that I can no longer use?

You set the price on the cruise the you list on, so you can decide how much money you will get back. A lower price is more of an incentive to a potential buyer but we understand that you want to make back as much money as you can. Consider all the money that you have paid and that you could get back when you list your cruise on

How should I expect to receive payment for my cruise?

Just like how you get to decide how much money you get will back, you can outline how you want to receive payment for your unwanted cruise. We suggest PayPal as a payment swapping method. They protect the buyer and if you don’t get what was advertised then you can get your money back.

When should I transfer all the name change details?

We suggest a four step process for transfer the name and swapping payment. The first step is the buyer sending partial payment for the cruise. Then you as the seller can change the name on the booking. The third step is providing evidence of the name change and booking reference if there is one. The final step is that the buyer sends the rest of the payment and goes on the cruise!