How To Sell Your V Festival Ticket & Accommodation - Sell your travel tickets.

How To Sell Your V Festival Ticket & Accommodation

This year V Festival is August 18th – 19th of August 2018 in Staffordshire, UK. V Festival is one of the UK’s most popular rock and pop festival that happens each year. This year the lineup looks amazing – in past years they have seen stars like Jay-Z, Pink and Stormzy.

So…what happens if you have booked to go but have to cancel…?

We’re all¬†familiar with secondary ticket markets for concert and festival tickets? What about all the other travel associated with going? Things like extra nights in hotels, camping and flights and trains to get to the festival. We know that if you have booked tickets to V Festival chances are you probably have accommodation or other parts of the travel journey that you can no longer use. TransferTravel offers the opportunity for people to buy and sell their unwanted travel plans to others that are looking for a good deal.

Can You Sell Your Festival Tickets And Accommodation?

Chances are that someone wanting to go to the festival will want to snatch up your travel plans as well – especially if they are coming from the same direction. First we suggest that you check with your travel provider that you can change the name on your travel plans and once you know that you can you can create a new listing.

How Do You Do This?

  1. Firstly you can check to see if you tickets and accommodation can be changed in name once you know that you can create a new listing
  2. Secondly you can create a new listing easily on TransferTravel adding all the details of your trip including dates and times, locations and prices.
  3. Publish you listing and share it on your social media accounts tagging TransferTravel to amplify the results
  4. Once your listing sells you have 72 hours to make the name change, including gathering all the new details from the buyer and upload the documents. You can do this VIA our message centre. You will be connected with the buyer and notified as soon as your listing sells.