How To Sell A Vacation Rental Booking In Hawaii

There are four main Hawaiian Islands...
Hawaii "The Big Island"

Maui "The Valley Isle"

Kauai "The Garden Island"

Oahu "The Gathering Place"

Each island more beautiful than the other, the Hawaiian islands are wonderful places to escape to. They bring people together and make it so easy to relax and soak up the sun. There are also so many adventurous activities to pack in to your trip. Swimming? Surfing? Mountain Biking? Hawaii has it all!

Whether you have booked a vacation rental on one of these four islands or have a hotel reservation you have probably pre-booked your vacation even a year before! So what happens when you can't go on your vacation anymore? What happens when you can no longer use your vacation rental booking?

We know that there are many things that can come up to make it so you can no longer go on your trip. Whether it is a breakup, not getting the time off work or a tragedy in the family there are many reasons why you cannot use your reservation but you also cannot cancel your reservation to get your money back.

TransferTravel is a marketplace that was created for just this reason. The travel marketplace accommodates for all types of travel bookings that can no longer be used, but selling the booking and changing the name.

Can I Really Sell My Pre-booked Vacation Rental In Hawaii?

Most vacation rentals and hotels will allow you to change the name on your travel booking for free. We always suggest that you check with your travel provider as to whether you can change the name on your travel booking.

Where Can I Sell My Hotel Rental?

TransferTravel was created as a marketplace to buy and sell all travel plans that can no longer be used. That means flights, hotels, bus tickets, vacation packages and more. As long as the name can be transferred then you can sell your pre-booked travel plans on

Will I Make My Money Back?

The price that you set for your travel plans is entirely up to you and depends on how attractive you want your travel plans to be and how much money you want to get back. We always suggest giving a discount to entice buyers and make sure that you can get at least something back when you can no longer go on your trip.
What Happens When Someone Buys My Booking?

When someone buys your travel plans then you will be connected with them in the travel marketplace. Once you have their information you can connect with them to gather all the information needed to make the transfer complete. You will have to make the name change and then upload documentation to the buyer so they are satisfied with the transfer within 72 hours. We have made this the most simple way to get you and the buyer connected and making the transfer as smooth and quick as possible.





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Posted 8 May 2018

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