Selling And Transferring Villa Booking In Portugal

Booking a villa for a holiday in Portugal is something that most people do in advance and look forward to throughout the year. Booking and staying in a villa in Portugal might be something that you do every year and has become a tradition. We know that many things can get in the way of a trip and you may need to cancel your villa booking. What happens then when you have booked the non-refundable option? Do you have to lose out on the money that you have already pre-paid?

If you have booked the non-refundable option then most likely you can change the name on your booking. Most hotel bookings that are non-refundable are transferrable in name. This means that you can sell your booking to someone else and transfer it to them by changing the name.

Can I Really Sell My Unwanted Villa Booking In Portugal?

Most hotels and villa's accept name changes. We suggest that everyone looks into their specific booking with their travel provider as to whether they can make a name change or not. If you know that you can make a name change then selling your villa booking and making a name change could be a great way of getting some money back that you would have otherwise wasted.

Where Can I Sell My Villa Booking In Portugal 

TransferTravel was created for this exact purpose of selling and transferring non-refundable travel bookings that allow name changes. TransferTravel is the dedicated platform for buying and selling unwanted travel plans. Before TransferTravel there were only listing sites that did not accommodate for travel plans as much as used cards and lawn mowers.

Will I Make My Money Back?

How much money you make back depends on how much you list your villa for on TransferTravel. We suggest that you price it as less than you paid so it creates a discount and further incentive for the buyer.

What Should I Include In My Listing?

When you create your listing you should add all details necessary that you have to make the buyer feel confident buying your villa booking in Portugal. Include things about the area and what kinds of things there are to do in and around the villa. You should also include the date and location including a description and original price.
What Happens When I Sell My Listing?

When you sell your listing to someone on TransferTravel you will be notified VIA email. A new message is created between you and the buyer where you can request any details needed for the transfer. You will have 72 hours to make the name change and upload the documents. Once the transfer is complete you will be paid 24 hours after the buyer has taken the trip.



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Posted 3 May 2018

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