Selling Unwanted Tickets | All You Need To Know

Every year, hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted in unused flight tickets, hotel reservations, bookings, and holiday tickets, while at the same time there is a huge number of people in the available market who are looking to buy those exact tickets. Some part of this monumental amount of money can be salvaged if only the owners of these tickets knew how to get in touch with potential buyers. At, we offer owners of unused tickets a unique market place in which they can sell their unused flight tickets, hotel reservations and holiday tickets.

Selling Unwanted Flight Tickets

Every day in the United States and across the world, people come to the realization a couple of weeks or days before hand that they won't be able to use flight tickets which they had earlier booked for. The costs of some of these tickets run in to the thousands of dollars. It is always such a waste to let that money go down the drain for tickets that can not be used. If you have a ticket that you can no longer use, then is your one stop shop. We provide you with a thriving market in which you can put up your tickets for sale and make some money back.

You must consult your airline's policy to ensure that the tickets purchased are transferable in name and what the cost of this is. There is usually a small fee associated with changing the name of a booking payed to the airline. With hundreds of people willing to sell their flight tickets at a discount because they can't use it anymore, positions itself uniquely as an online market in which you could grab flight tickets to your dream destination at a giveaway price. Because of the nature of the peer to peer marketplace and individuals selling their tickets people offer peer to peer prices.

Check out our resources that we have created for name change fees:

We do suggest talking to your airline to double check if there are any other fees associate with changing your ticket

Ask The Expert | UK Budget Airlines Name Change Policies

Ask The Expert | European Airlines Name Change Policies

Selling Unwanted Hotel Reservations & Bookings

Very few things could be as daunting as having to spend weeks in anticipation of a few nights at your favorite hotel which you booked for in advance, just to realize that a change in circumstances will not only mean you will have to potentially lose out on those dream nights, but that all the money time and preparation put in to getting that perfect room will have gone to waste. Well cheer up, and don't worry of fret! was created with you in mind. As long as the reservation is transferable in name (which most hotels are!), all you need to do is login to our site, put up your hotel room reservation for sale. See!!! Not all is wasted.

Selling Unwanted Holiday Tickets

Holiday tickets usually cost a fortune as they involve bookings for multiple activities compiled in to one ticket. It will be an absolute shame to not at least get back some of that money because of a cancellation. has hundreds of potential buyers who will love to rid you of that holiday reservation while bulking up your wallet. Login now and begin to get offers before it is too late.

Once your listing is sold you will be notified and the buyer and you will be connected. There you can ask for their details that you will need to make the transfer and name change. Once you have their information, make the name change and upload the documents that they need for them to see that the transfer has taken place. Once the buyer is satisfied and they have taken their trip then you receive your funds.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have a flight ticket you can't use, or have you booked a hotel you won't be able to sleep in? What about that holiday ticket for which you won't be able to make it? Don't worry that you have to throw it all away, you can make your money bach hassle free in our peer to peer marketplace. Login now, create a listing and let's start driving some business your way!


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Posted 17 November 2017

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