How To Create A Listing | Selling Your Unwanted Travel On

Creating a listing and selling your unwanted travel on only takes a few minutes and requires you to provide a few basic details. If you have a holiday that you can no longer use, we know this might be the first time you have come across and you might have a few questions. So, we have created this blog to help answer them.

Three Step Selling Process To Selling Your Unwanted Travel


Step 1

Choose A Category

  1. Accommodation
  2. Flight
  3. Vacation
  4. Rali & Coach
  5. Festival
  6. Cruise
  7. Voucher


Step 2

Upload Your Confirmation

Upload your booking confirmation so that we can verify your booking is genuine and pre-paid. This is a required step for creating a listing. This can be a screenshot or a photo of a physical confirmation. To take a screenshot on your desktop computer using a mac press shift, command and 3 at the same time. The new photo will show up on your desktop and you can attach this as your confirmation. To take a screenshot on your smartphone press the home button and end button at the same time to capture a screenshot. This will show up in your photos App and you can upload that as confirmation.


Step 3

Add All Details To Your Listings

Add all the details like check in and check out dates, airport location for flights or name of the cruise provider. There will be a drop down option or text boxes available to help you complete this step. We also ask for details such as airline, ticket quantity and ticket class. For accommodation we ask what the name of the accommodation is, number of guests and if pets are allowed or if breakfast is included. This all helps the potential buyer know exactly what is included in the booking and may improve the chances of a sale.



This is where we ask what you are willing to sell your travel tickets for. To help determine the best price for your listing we break the calculation down into 4 different amounts:

We ask for 4 prices to be specified here:

  1. The original price: this is what you paid for your listing
  2. Name change fee: this is what the travel provider charges you to change the name on your travel ticket. All charges must be included in the price of the listing. We recommend you contact your provider to confirm the exact transfer fee prior to listing.
  3. Sale price: This is what you are willing to sell the listing for. We suggest a discount of at least 30% from the original price to entice buyers.
  4. Minimum offer: your absolute minimum offer you are willing to take for your listing.

To give you more freedom and flexibility all listing prices can be amended after they go live on our site.


Final Details

The title and description of your listing are pre populated for you from the above details. You can amend them to make your listings stand out and attract potential buyers. At this stage you can also add photos. We have a photo bank filled with thousands of travel related images. Search for an image (or multiple images) that best represent your listing.

Preview your listing, check over the details and confirm that you are happy. Your listing will be live within 24 hours


You’ve Published Your Listings And Great News - You’ve Made A Sale. Now What?


Your Listing Sells

Once your listing sells you will be notified via the dashboard and via email. You will then be prompted to make the necessary name changes for the buyer. You will need to do 2 things to make the transfer complete:

  1. Make The Appropriate Name Change
  2. Upload New Documents Within 72 Hours

After you have done both of these things and made it known that you have uploaded the appropriate documents, the team at will make the necessary checks and notify the seller and buyer that the documents are present.

The buyer has 7 days to review the transfer document and confirm that they are happy with the transfer. Should they have a complaint, then a refund will be released. If they are happy, then the transfer is complete.



Payment will be released 24 hours after the departure date or start date of the travel plans. For vouchers, trains and festival tickets, payment is released 7 days after the confirmation of the receipt of the transferred tickets.


Tips For Selling Your Unwanted Travel On


  1. Price your listing for less than you paid - create a percentage discount the entices buyers!
  2. Show everyone who you are: be transparent. Upload a profile image and tell people why you can no longer use your travel plans.
  3. Write a descriptive but concise listing title. For example “Manchester to Tokyo Return Flight Ticket for 3”
  4. Answer any questions the buyer may have: Be available for questions and offers made. Our instant messaging option via the dashboard makes communication quick and easy.
  5. Share your listing on your social media accounts. We market your listings to our network of travel sites and communities, but we suggest connecting with us and sharing your listing within your networks as well. The more people who see your great travel deal the more likely it is to be bought up!


Posted 10 July 2018

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