Streets of Toronto You Have To Visit

After years of travelling abroad, I’ve had probably 500 introductions that follow the EXACT same script:

“Hi, I’m Liz”

“Hey Liz, where are you from”


“No way! I thought you were American! Canada eh?? TORRRRONNNTTTO”.

No, not Toronto, not even close to Toronto. I guess it’s fair considering that if I meet people from the UK, I automatically reference my trip to London and how much I love Picadilly. Such a cliche. Anyways, Toronto is obviously Canada’s most well known city, but up until a month ago I had never been! That needed to change, and let’s just say I definitely see what all the fuss is about. Good food, good weather, and a nice hotel are the only things I need to make me happy. Then throw in how eaaaasy downtown Toronto was to navigate? SOLD. I’m sure there are lots of other aspects to the city then their Downtown atmosphere, but if you only have a weekend to visit, focus on soaking up all there is to do downtown. Plus the city is so walkable, which makes it too easy to pop in and out of the many shops, cafes, pubs that the area has to offer. Here are three major areas in DT Toronto that you need to visit.

  1. West Queen West 

Once was named one of the world’s coolest neighbourhoods by Vogue magazine. If that doesn’t sell it to you, then I don’t know what does. Queen West is hip, and fresh. There is always something going on and you are sure to see some sort of pop-up as you walk down exploring the trendy shops and creative spaces. If you love boutique shopping, you will freaking adore West Queen West.

Our recommended stops on West Queen Street via See Toronto Now here

  1. King Street

Consider King Street the more mature cousin of Queen. Sorry feminists. King street has turned into a bustling area full of delicious dining options, bars that never close, and cool apartments. Save the shopping for Queen Street and come to King for a good meal followed by a chic cocktail at one of the many amazing options.

Our recommended stops on King Street via See Toronto Now here

  1. Queen Street

Not a typo. This is where things get confusing. West Queen West and Queen Street are two different areas. Huh? Stay with me. Like if you tell a friend you are going to Queen Street , it doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to West Queen but if you are going to West Queen it means you are on Queen. Get it? The street itself goes on forever, so as you go further west you will see it start to take on a whole different life of it’s own. Very cool. Queen Street itself is known for being full of life, don’t ignore the rest of Queen! Make sure to take it all in, and definitely don’t forget your wallet.

Cool is the general theme of Toronto. Not in the annoying way either, Toronto captures the cool factor perfectly and makes tourists coming back for more. All hail King Toronto...or is it Queen?


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Posted 11 October 2016

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