How To Stretch Your Travel Budget | With TrustedHousesitters

House sitting - a great way to find free accommodation all over the world!

If you’re using TransferTravel, you’re a smart traveller who wants to make the most of your travel budget so cutting down on accommodation costs can only be a good thing.

Our friends at TrustedHousesitters provide a way to find accommodation all over the world by matching people who want to travel with home owners who want their pets looked after at home.

House sits range from small apartments to large villas with pools. Each sit is unique and 90% of the time there will be a pet involved.  One of the easiest sits you can find is to care for a cat.

Cats are getting more and more popular as pets because they are easy to look after. They are independent, they choose when to go out, eat, or seek out human company.

This year alone, TrustedHousesitters have looked after 4,500 cats and that translates into thousands of potential house sitting opportunities all over the world #catsLOVEcompany.

So if you want some time at the beach and are happy to look after someone’s home and cat this could be a great way to travel on a budget. Take a look at this housesit in Rhode Island, USA looking after two cats who live in a historic apartment or browse the TrustedHousesitters website to take a peek at some of the great sits listed.

Why not give house sitting a try

You can travel the world looking after beautiful homes and animals and all you need to do is join the TrustedHousesitters community. For an annual fee, you can go to as many house sits as you like.

We have a special deal for TransferTravel customers. Use our link to qualify for a free one month trial. Housesitting is an exciting new way to travel the world.

Need a flight to your new HouseSitting experience? Check out all flights in #TheTravelMarketplace right now!


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Posted 17 May 2017

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