The Good Feeling of Buying Unwanted Travel

In the past, we’ve written about the good karma of buying second-hand tickets and in this post we want to show you how you can take that one step further. Taking someone’s unwanted travel plans means you’re participating in the circular economy, which, to put it crudely, is how power is taken from big corporate structures and put into the hands of the individual.


The Power of Second-Hand

This is something that’s at the heart of what we do: fighting against the rigid structures put in place by those bigger companies. If we buy non-refundable travel plans, we accept the risk of losing our money.

Our marketplace challenges that.

When you buy a listing from, you are participating in this challenge and making sure that the individual remains more important than any company.

But let’s be a little less altruistic for a moment and consider what matters to you. When you’re looking for a vacation, the first thing you’re considering is not the person at the other end of the transaction. Instead, you want to find a travel provider that covers three things:

  • Cost
  • Convenience
  • Conscience



One of the biggest deciding factors for many people is the cost of a vacation. It dictates when and where you go. Even if you wanted to help someone out, if you can buy the same trip cheaper elsewhere, nine times out of ten, you will. Goodwill can only go so far, unfortunately, when you’re paying for something that has a big price tag. It’s not quite the same as choosing to buy a slightly more expensive pair of shoes because they’re ethically sourced over a fast fashion business.



There are so many options out there for vacation plans. Most of us don’t have the time to search through different websites, looking for the best deal on flights and accommodation, particularly if you don’t have a specific date or destination in mind. You might want a beach trip to Florida but aren’t fussy about when you go, or your partner’s birthday might be coming up and you want to take them to somewhere in Europe. Hours later, you’ll still be comparing your options and no closer to a decision.



If you don’t agree with the actions of an airline, or a hotel company has gotten bad press recently, then you might feel guilty purchasing something from them. You don’t want to put your hard-earned dollars into their pockets, but you also kinda want or need to use them.


Let us put your mind at ease.


  • Everything on is sold at face value, although most of the listings have a discount of 30% to 75%. These aren’t the current prices, but the advanced prices from when they originally booked, meaning they’re already cheaper than what you’d pay before the discount. Cost: check.

  • Other people have already done that boring research mentioned before. Their perfect vacation which they can no longer go on are waiting for you to enjoy them. All the hassle of planning and deciding has been taken out. Convenience: check.

  • Your conscience can be soothed by the fact that every single listing on is posted by someone who has been caught out by the non-refundable policy many travel providers have. They might have a medical complication or a work commitment which has disrupted their travel plans. Buying their vacation means you’re doing them a favour! They wouldn’t have got any money back if you hadn’t been an angel and bought it from them. You can lie by the pool feeling like a hero. Conscience: check.

Need a little more convincing?

Every time someone buys or sells on our website, we ask them to give us a review. These are some of the responses from the past few months which made us smile. Our customers are the reason we do this, as we know all too well how frustrating it is when you have a non-refundable booking you can’t use anymore.


You can read some of those reviews and testimonials below:


Peter in London: I am a frequent traveller and have purchased various travel vouchers through your website and have had nothing but good experiences so far, have helped me save a lot of money on flights!



Loraine in Stoke-on-Trent: We are due to get married in the summer and we did not have a huge budget for the honeymoon, we found a bargain trip to Paris with loads of added extras we wouldn’t usually think off such as spa treatments as they quickly add up. I couldn’t believe it was all included within the price it was advertised for!



Roísín from Kildare: The website is easy to use and it took no time at all to find what I wanted. The customer service team were stellar; so helpful, friendly and quick to respond. I found the perfect trip away for me and my partner. Plus, I've told all my friends they need to check out this website!



Ronny in Denver: Super easy, low-risk way to find cheap flights and hotels as they do all the checking beforehand, love it! Thank you as always!



Anonymous: Love the concept of this site. Just purchased an all-inclusive holiday on here with a 50% discount. I also got a sense of accomplishment as I know by purchasing off here, someone is getting at least some money back from their booking which they could no longer go on and it’s not completely going to waste. Let's face it, no one ever cancels their holidays for a happy reason.



Aimie in Lyon: I'm so glad I found this site! My partner and I were recently engaged, so we decided to go on a last minute trip to celebrate. We spent 7 nights in Spain for a great price. I will definitely buy from here again!



Kiera in Essex: I got a pretty good deal on a villa in Benidorm for my 21st birthday! Can’t wait for May!



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Posted 4 March 2019

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