Things To Know About Second Hand Tickets

In what is it shortest and most simple definition, second hand tickets are those that were not originally owned by you but which due to some transaction or occurrence had its ownership changed to you. That is to say you were not the first owner or first person to claim rights to what the ticket granted access to. For the purpose of this article, the phrase “second hand tickets” shall be used to loosely refer to second hand bookings, as well as reservations. Whether these tickets, bookings or reservations are for flights or lodging, so long as it is within the hospitality and travel industry, this phrase will be applicable.
Why The Name Second Hand Ticket?

From its very name, it implies a change of ownership from the first pair of hands of the original owner of the ticket, to a second pair of hands of its new owner. Does this therefore imply that should the ticket’s ownership move to a third person, it becomes a third hand ticket? Absolutely not!! Although people who like to be super specific sometimes follow such a pattern, the term second hand generally refers to subsequent owner(s) of a reservation, booking or ticket, after the first owner.
How To Get A Second Hand Ticket

There are actually two main ways through which a person can end up with a second hand ticket. The first is by purchasing one. This is the most rampant way through which most people end up with second hand tickets. They could either buy them from someone within their circle, or online on the world’s number one second hand ticket market place for travel tickets – Unlike other sites on the web which trade in second hand tickets, transfer travel is unique in that it has a huge industry network through which it verifies all listed tickets before making them public to its thousands of potential buyers.

The second method through which someone could end up with a second hand ticket, is if it is gifted to him or her. This is rather not uncommon as some people upon realizing that they can no longer use their tickets, tend to gift them rather than have the ticket completely go to waste.
Advantages Of Buying A Second Hand Ticket

The first and probably best example most widely associated with buying second hand tickets is that you most often than not buy it at below its current market value. Though there are those who hurriedly buy highly sort after tickets soon after release to sell at a premium, there are also those who for one reason or another are unable to use their tickets and are looking to liquidate it at below its face value. This presents you with a sometime one in a life time opportunity to enjoy a Disney cruise or sleep in a five star hotel at half the original cost, but with full access to all the associated amenities.

The next advantage is that you get to save time. Come to think of how long people get to queue up to buy a star wars ticket or a ticket to an Ariana Grande concert. With the second hand ticket market, all you need do is have a digital device linked to the internet, and you could have the same ticket in a matter of minutes. Provided of course that you purchase it from a secure site such as


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Posted 18 December 2017

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