Top 20 Travel Bloggers of 2017

Prepare to be inspired, motivated and infected with a serious case of Wanderlust by's Top 20 Travel Bloggers of 2017...

1) The Life Of Jord - 
Otherwise known as Jordan Simmons. Jord quit his job in 2014 to set up his blog and to travel continuously. Now at a total of 812 days on the road, Jord’s following has grown massively and he is now delving into the world of daily vlogs! Our favourite thing about The Life Of Jord? How he closes his vlogs and how serious he is when he hears an announcement in an airport.

2) Lean Living Girl
London/Dubai based Carly Rothman. Carly initially set up her blog to document how she keeps in shape and reveal her recipes on how to stay lean. Carly is now documenting her travels on Youtube, from desert camping to ski trips! 

3) Thomas Alex Norman 
Wow! Just wow! Thomas is a filmmaker/blogger that has an eye for capturing the beauty of pretty much everything & anything. If you ever need travel inspiration head over to this blog! 

4) Melody On The Move
Adventurous Mel is a teacher from the USA who moved to South Korea to expand her teaching/blogging skills. Her blog is currently going through a makeover, however, Mel is very active on her Youtube channel (Melody On The Move) .. she is the sweetest girl!

5) travelFREAK
Jeremy Foster, a traveller who enjoys the thrill of jumping from bridges and climbing volcanoes! Quitting his job in the US Jeremy flew to Oz and has been travelling ever since. 

6) CaptainandCharlie
This amazing couple met in Jersey, sold their house and bought a boat! They set sail and have never looked back - how inspirational! As a couple, their personalities really shine through their blog and their sense of freedom. 

7) SaltInOurHair
Hannah & Nick are a travelling couple that capture everything that comes with a travel blog, from tips on activities to money advice they have it all! This fun loving couple showcase their creativity through photography and video, you need to check them out! 

8) Pommie Travels
Victoria is a daring solo traveller who grew up in Manchester. After getting her degree in Journalism, Victoria decided not to conform with society and instead explore the world and that is exactly why she makes our Top 20!

9) Earth To Emma
Emma recently contacted regarding our Brand Ambassador programme, after investigating her page I knew that Emma had an eye for creativity and fit perfectly in the world of blogging. We love her ‘Netflix Favorites’ feature… this still fits into the travelling life as we all know that Netflix can fit into any moment of our lives. Emma has also caught the travel blog and she has filled her blog with experiences.

10) Kat Is Travelling
Kat’s blog focuses on immersive travelling and positioning herself in the centre of new cultures. Her minimalist blog style is the oxymoron of her full-bodied writing style. Kat’s travelling bug is infectious and her blog is a definite must-read. 

11) Emily Luxton Travels
Emily has no fixed address and a desire to travel… what more could you want from a travel blog? Emily like us all have been through a lot and found her freedom through travel and that's why we love her!

12) While I'm Young
Danielle, what a legend. Based in Dubai, her love for travel is obvious and definitely excites, motivates and inspires us all to get on a plane. Her down to earth style makes her oh so relatable and sums up the life of a twenty-something. Make sure to check out her blog on reaching the grand age of 25, it's amazing! 

13) Mrs Aylas Adventures
Mrs Aylas desire to travel has been ingrained in her since birth after being surrounded by a family of travel fanatics. Mrs Ayla travels with her husband Mr Ayla and documents their amazing trips on this blog. Swapping sleep for adventures we love her mindset on travel. 

14) Feather & Film
A blog established to inspire and excite those who wish to travel the world. Their creativity is out of this world and pretty much all captured using film photography, beautifully vintage. If you ever need to be inspired visit Feather & Film!

15) Travel Mad Mum
I first found out about Travel Mad Mum’s blog on a lunch break whilst I was going through the Daily Mail. The article was regarding a mum who took her 1-year-old travelling and since then we have been hooked. What a beautiful way to bring your child into the world by backpacking, tasting amazing food and being submerged in new cultures. Karen Edwards is an inspiration not only in the travel community but also amongst mothers across the world.

16) I Am Ella
The beautiful fashionista, London-based travel-fuelled blogger, Ella. Since Ella was young she has always travelled and when she isn’t travelling, where to next is at the forefront of her thoughts. With a hunger for adventures and new cultures, this blog had to make our Top 20!

17) Inside The Travel Lab
Otherwise known as Abi, a doctor who put down her stethoscope for a life of travel. After 5 years in her dream career, Abi knew it was time to pursue her dream of travel and became a blogger. She has now worked with brands such as Lonely Planet and National Geographic Traveler!

18) English Mum
The Victoria Sponge meets family life, meets travel and adventures (talk about multi-tasking!). This 40 something mother of 2 takes her blog on cruises, ski holidays and family adventures… if EnglishMum can do it, so can we!

19) The Bucket List Family
Wow, what an amazing family. The one question to ask is where haven’t The Bucket List Family been? The Gee Family sold everything for a life filled with travel adventures. Their goals from travel are an inspiration to us all, to build long-lasting memories and create unbreakable family bonds, too cute.

20) Mrs O Around the World
& last but not least there is the luxury travel blog built by the lovely Ana. Mrs O loves the finer things in life and this is reflected in her travel adventures. 

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Posted 9 March 2017

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