Top 5 Sunny Winter Holiday Destinations

Winter is just beginning and yet, at TransferTravel, our minds are already busy with summer plans. Darker days, longer nights and cooler (not to say freezing) temperatures already put us in the mood for some heat and sun. Even those who love winter would enjoy a bit of nice weather, right?

But who said you needed to wait until next June to get some sunshine, crystal clear water and hot temperatures? At TransferTravel, we've got ideas for a sunny winter getaway in stock. Take a break from the cold, the rain and the darkness: here are our top 5 destinations to warm up and relax this winter.


Sunny winter destination #1: The Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are so close and yet, once you get there in winter, it feels like another world. With temperatures averaging in the mid 20s and the sun almost always shining, the Canary Islands are one of the best destinations you could pick for a winter getaway.

Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, take your pick: we can guarantee that you will find all the sun, the sea and the cocktails you are looking for. From diving to jet skiing or biking around one of the island, there's plenty of things to keep you busy for a long weekend or a full week of fun.



Sunny winter destination #2: Phuket, Thailand

From December to April, the dry weather ensures you to fully enjoy your holiday while soaking up the sun. Phuket is one of the biggest islands of Thailand, that will provide you with plenty of white sanded beaches, palm trees, crystal blue water and city life at night.

Get yourself in one of those postcards destinations and lose yourself for a few weeks, forgetting all about winter weather.



Sunny winter destination # 3: Morocco

Plunge into a whole different world in just a few hours flight, discover magical scenery and enjoy temperatures above 20 degrees in Morocco. The mix of cultural influences make cities like Fez, Marrakech or Casablanca, truly unique places.

Spend hours in colourful bazaars, enjoy breath-taking views and delight your tastebud on Moroccan food specialities: a trip to Morocco is one you will not forget.



Sunny winter destination #4: Seychelles

This archipelago of 115 islands is best known for being a honeymoon destination. But you don't need to be newlywed to enjoy topaz waters, gorgeous beaches, or more simply, what some call the most beautiful islands on earth.

Seychelles is also known for its nature reserves and habitat, turtles being perhaps its most famous inhabitants. The only thing is, after a week or two in this little paradise on earth, chances are you will not want to come back home...



Sunny winter destination #5: Dubai

Soak up the sun, take an excursion in the desert (in a jeep of course) or blow your mind away by the view on top the Burj Khalifa, aka the highest building in the World: a trip to Dubai will not leave you unchanged.

From the biggest mall in the World and ski slopes (yep) to the more traditional spice souk and old city quarter, Dubai is full of contrasts and will never cease to surprise you.

A winter getaway for those who don't care much for lying on a beach and do nothing for a week.



By Travel Ambassador Enora, A Frog On The Run


  • Sunny winter destination #4: Seychelles
  • Sunny winter destination #2: Phuket
  • Top 5 Sunny Winter Holiday Destinations
  • Sunny winter destination #5: Dubai
  • Sunny winter destination #3 : Morocco
  • Sunny winter destination #1: The canary islands
  • Thailand
Posted 10 November 2017

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