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Top 5 Weird & Wonderful Things To Do In Amsterdam

By Travel Ambassador Enora blogger at A Frog On The Run

When it comes to weird and bizarre, there is one city that pops in our minds: Amsterdam. The capital of the Netherlands surely also is the capital of the weird and unusual. While most tourists will pay a visit to the infamous Van Gogh museum, Ann Frank house or go for a boat tour, why don’t you try to go down a different path?

Sex, erotic, prostitution, torture, mutants, real body, marijuana, or even tea pots: so many unusual museums are worth a visit in Amsterdam that it’s hard to pick. We’ve managed however to select a few of our favorite ones for you. Make sure to check them out next time you’re in « The Dam »!

Weird Amsterdam #1: A Museum Of Real Human Bodies

Photo Credit: giancarlo_carioni_ VIA Instagram

Body Worlds is a museum exhibiting 200 human bodies that were given to science… chilling. In fact, it is the only museum in the World that works on a donor program.

Using human bodies, the museum will teach you more about how the human body functions, how organs work, and how diseases affect it. The goal of the exhibition is even deeper than that: the study of how we function. Body Worlds tries to understand what makes us humans happy, and how happiness affects our health.

In short, the Body Worlds museum is a must-see to discover a little bit more about yourself.

Weird Amsterdam #2: Amsterdam’s Torture Museum

Photo Credit: eugenio_fbll VIA Instagram

Let the darkest side of your imagination run wild at the torture museum. With its collection of prints and old torture instruments, the Amsterdam’s museum of torture is a chilly reminder that once upon a time, justice and punishment were served in a very, very different way.

The small, dark corridors and spaces will set the mood from the moment you enter. The hanging cage, the mask and the heretic fork on display will take care of the rest.

Weird Amsterdam #3: The Hemp And Marijuana Museum

Photo Credit: hashmuseum VIA Instagram

Of course, Amsterdam had to have a museum dedicated to marijuana. While everybody is familiar with the smoking aspect (on a more or less personal level), the various uses of hemp are less known. From clothing to paper, ropes, or even housing uses, the museum offers a great overview of the multiple uses of the plant.

Displaying old tools and smoking devices, the museum of hemp and marijuana is a must-see for anyone keen to know more about the controversial plant.

As a little bonus for the visitors, the museum has its own little indoor garden, so you can examine the plant in all its aspects.

Weird Amsterdam #4: Museum Of Prostitution

Photo Credit: VIA Instagram

Ever wondered how many customers a sex worker sees in a day? What is legal and what is not about prostitution? What kind of life girls live when they’re not at work? Or even how it feels like to be behind a window? Then pay a visit to the prostitution museum!

Located right in the Red Light Districts of Amsterdam (of course), the museum of prostitution is located in a building that used to be a brothel, haunted by the memory of a prostitute that got murdered inside its walls.

You can walk through the rooms, discover a lovely collection of pictures, instruments, and toys, and even get a little taste of what it feels like to be the person behind the window.

The museum of prostitution will, without a doubt, change the way you look at it.

Weird Amsterdam #5: The Tea Pot Museum

Photo Credit: blueflowertc VIA Instagram

Truth is, most people who live in Amsterdam don’t even know this museum exists. It’s that hidden and secret. The tea pot museum is a real thing, and it is located in one of the most popular and busiest areas of Amsterdam: the Jordaan.

The Tea Rat is also one of the tiniest museums Amsterdam has to offer. Occupying an upstairs room in an 18-century building, above a bakery, the exhibition is a collection of quirky tea pots, old and modern. If you like tea, pop in its very own museum: they even serve high tea.