Top 6 Family Travel Bloggers of 2018

Planning a family holiday but struggling to find inspiration? It’s difficult to decide on a destination when you have to think about what both you and your kids need. How do you know if where you’re going is suitable for families? We’ve rounded up our top six favourite family travel bloggers of 2018 for you to inspire your next adventure.


1. My Travel Monkey



Ting writes about the adventure she and her husband go on with their son, Monkey, and the newest addition to their family, Peanut. They’ve travelled all over the world together but also have great advice for staycations in the UK.

Check out their 2-week itinerary for South Africa from their trip at the end of 2017. With tips on where to stay and recommendations for family-friendly sightseeing routes, Ting’s guide will make sure you have a fabulous holiday. With restaurant recommendations and reviews of the best hotels for kids, My Travel Monkey is the perfect blog to read when planning your next trip away. (Plus, follow Ting on Instagram for the cutest stories with Monkey and Peanut!)


2. Globetotting



Katja and her friend Victoria originally created the Globetotting blog for families in India but over the years it has grown to inspire adventurous travel. With three children each born in different countries, Katja is now based in the UK after 12 years of living abroad.

This hasn’t stopped them from their adventures; we love her family guide to a long weekend in Lisbon. She shows that not only is travelling with children possible, it can make your experience better as you explore the world as a family. One of the best things about the Globetotting blog is that Katja shares the realities of travelling with kids, including the tantrums on reindeer sleighs in Lapland.


3. Dais Like These



Travelling with children doesn’t have to be difficult. UK blogger Daisy is full of tips, tricks and inspiration for families to try out new places with their family. Daisy documents the days out she takes her husband and three kids on, as well as reviewing their trips further afield. You have to check out her tried and tested travel tips, particularly for a road trip with kids.

We love how honest she is about where you can go with kids and often surprises us with what you can do as a family – who knew that you could go to a wine-tasting that offers activities for children? And if you still need some inspiration, Daisy’s Instagram will give you serious wanderlust for your next family holiday.


4. Ickle Pickle’s Life and Travels



What we love most about Ickle Pickle’s Life and Travels is that Karen writes through the eyes of her 4-year-old son. Follow the stories from his perspective about her travelling adventures as a single mum with a 20-year-old, 17-year-old and 14-year-old. They love Disney so keep up to date with their holidays for the latest Disneyland advice and reviews.


5. Mini Travellers



Karen, Matt and their three daughters, Lily, Isobel and Eve are always trying out new places: everywhere from Disney to Malawi to Southport. This family travel blog is timeless; Karen’s advice comes from a place of both knowledge and passion. She has been featured on the BBC several times and has written about Mini Travellers for a wide range of UK newspapers and magazines, on top of being a successful social media strategist – who else would be better to inspire your next family getaway?

Their trip to Malawi focuses on responsible, sustainable and ethical tourism within the country as they take their kids to local projects striving to help the community, like the Book Bus. Whilst it’s a world away from the traditional beaches and resorts, they still show you that travel can be family-friendly if you’re looking in the right place.


6. The Educational Tourist



Natalie, her husband and their two kids, aged 10 and 12, are all about educational travel and experiencing new things through exploration; for them, the world is a classroom. By researching the history and culture of their next destination, Natalie creates guides and activity packs for her children to expand their knowledge and help them engage with the places they visit. This is a great project if you’re looking for a way to teach your family whilst you’re out sightseeing. She also provides really helpful answers to the questions you don’t know who to ask, like how young is too young to travel?


Do you have a favourite travel blogger who didn’t make the list? Let us know whose blog to read next on Twitter (@_transfertravel) or Facebook.


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Posted 17 August 2018

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