Top Sustainable Tourist Destinations For 2018

In this blog, we have put together the top sustainable tourist destinations for 2018. Last year the United Nations declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development and it’'s on the rise for 2018!

"Sustainable tourism is not a trend, it is a travel transformation”" - Matthew D.Upchurch CEO of Virtuoso


Hangzhou, China

Green policies have taken over the eastern metropolis of Hangzhou, China. The city has won may Green awards for sustainability which are well deserved. To clean the city’s air, Hangzhou limits car ownership and promotes the use of their fast-growing metro network. Pedestrian parks are filled with trees and lantern-lit paths line stretches of the Grand Canal.

You think London is full of rental bikes? Hangzhou has the largest bike-share scheme in the world and eight times as many rental bikes as London. Whilst on vacation in the city, you can rent a bike from kiosks at art galleries to railway stations and cycle through cottage farms to Unesco-listed West Lake. Much of Hangzhou’s landscape is made up of weeping willows, lotus blooms and reflected bridges - add it to your bucket list of sustainable destinations!



Iceland has definitely secured a position as one of the top sustainable tourist destinations for 2018, many countries should take note of their green initiatives.

Known as the “the land of fire and ice”, Iceland is a mixture of active volcano’s and glaciers. Both volcano’s and glaciers power the country with their hydro and geothermal sources. The country also has huge amounts of wind power potential, which remains untapped.

Iceland is referred to as a meaningful example for the rest of the world when it comes to sustainability. The country is a magical Narnia of the north, full of waterfalls and unforgettable landscapes. Add it to your bucket list, you won't regret it!

The Japanese Alps

Be prepared to forget all you thought you knew about sustainability and head up into The Japanese Alps, one of 2018’'s top sustainable tourist destinations. Otherwise known as the roof of Japan, the peaceful zen of The Japanese Alps offers hiking and skiing in the midst of the most scenic locations.

When you are up in the alps, ensure you visit a Wasabi Farm. The farms are fed water directly from melting snow banks of The Japanese Alps, designed with detailed streams in order to provide every inch of the farm with fresh water and made beautiful with wooden waterwheels. You can even buy wasabi ice cream!

Interested in visiting one of the countries featured in the Top Sustainable Tourist Destinations of 2018? Be sure to check out for any new listings added by our community of travellers like you. Not only will you be travelling to eco-friendly locations, but you will also be booking ethically!


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Posted 17 January 2018

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