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How Do I Sell My Holiday Online?


If you have pre-booked travel plans which you can't use anymore, you might be concerned that it's non-refundable and you are going to be left out of pocket. Whether you need to sell your flight, cancel a hotel reservation or have a cruise you can’t go on, you don’t want to end up losing out on your money.

On, you can sell your vacation to someone else who is looking for a great deal on travel. Once you've created a listing, you want to make sure it's eye-catching and interesting in the marketplace; here is our guide for the best tips and tricks to selling your holiday online.


Creating A Listing


Provide A Discount

Providing a discount is one of the best things that you can do to help sell your listing and make it more appealing. In the marketplace, each listing has the discount listed as a percentage and buyers are more likely to click on the better deals. Of course, you also want to make some of your money back so we recommend a discount of around 30% to strike that perfect balance. Bear in mind that when you transfer your travel documents, you may have to pay a name change fee, which you might want to include in the price of your listing.


Informative Listing Title

Include an informative title for your listing that will let buyers know exactly what you're selling. This is a quick insight into your travel plans and it's the first thing they will read about it. As you can see in the example below, only the vital information like dates, price and the title are shown on the homepage.



Keep it clear and concise; a detailed title will increase the chances of your listing being viewed.

Example of a great title: Manchester - Tokyo Return Flight Ticket x 3

It explains where you are departing from, where you're travelling to, and how many tickets there are.

Poor title: I'm selling my ticket from the UK and need to sell quickly plz

Make sure you have all the vital information in the title, and that you have done a quick spell-check.

Poor title: Amazing holiday for sale, flights for a family of three from Manchester Airport on 1 July to Tokyo, return on 14 July, not to be missed…

The problem with this title is that there is too much detail. Keep it to the point in the title and you can put all the additional information in the description.


Tell Everyone Why You Can No Longer Use Your Ticket

Transparency is key on and describing why you can no longer use your travel ticket allows the buyer to feel like there is more of a personal connection between you. Like the profile picture, it makes your listing seem more reliable and builds trust during the transfer process. You don’t have to disclose everything though - if it’s sensitive information or not something you would want to share online, please don’t feel that you have to. Even a small amount of detail makes it feel more personable.

E.g. Flight from LA to Hawaii. I bought this a month ago but need to sell my flight as I can no longer go due to medical reasons/work commitments…


Add Quality Photos

People like visual ideas of where they are going to be going and what it could possibly be like on the holiday or trip that you are selling. Also, listings in the marketplace are shown as an image with a title and some basic information, which buyers then click for a more detailed description. We suggest adding a landscape photo of the destination of your trip or the hotel where you will be staying — be aware that there might be copyright restrictions. If there are, websites like Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash are great for royalty-free photos.

You can also add supporting documents but we recommend blocking out the booking reference number or any other information that is sensitive to your booking.


Creating A Profile


Upload A Profile Photo

Uploading a picture of yourself makes your profile more personal, which means that buyers will have more trust in your listing. This is an important factor in their decision to click buy as they want to feel confident that the tickets are genuine and the process will be as simple as it should be. Also, a photo shows them that there’s a real person behind the listing. So what kind of picture should you upload?

  • Pick a high-quality image which shows your face
  • Don't use a group photo because A) it will be difficult to know who you are, and B) you may not have the consent of the other people in the picture to post it online.
  • Make sure there are no private or confidential details including in the picture, such as the number on your front door.
  • Feel free to upload the same images you've used on your social media profiles - this will create consistency and therefore trustworthiness when you connect these platforms to your profile.

We're all about connecting people on so adding the personal touches to your account will create a great online community.


Connect Your Social Accounts

You can sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Google+ which is a great way to skip the step where you input your details manually, as well as adding credibility to your profile. A lot of people have used Craigslist or Facebook buy and sell groups to advertise their travel plans, which can often fall through or turn out to be fake. Whilst we double-check all booking confirmations and documents, there is still this wariness about trusting buyers and sellers to follow through on the transaction. Social media accounts show that you’re a real person and increases the buyer's trust in you - and if they connect their social profiles, then it increases your trust in them too.


Communicating With Buyers


Keep An Eye Out For Notifications

When someone wants to buy or make an offer on your travel plans, you will get a notification to let you know that it's time to start the transfer process. Part of this will be the 72-hour window to change the name on your documents and upload them to Regularly check your account for these notifications so you don't miss out on a great selling opportunity.


Answer Buyer’s Messages

When someone wants to buy, you can get in touch with them through our secure instant messenger. You will also be connected to them if they want to make an offer and negotiate the price. Staying on top of messages means you can agree on a price and make the transfer quicker, taking your travel plans off your hands and putting money back in your pocket.


So are you ready to sell your unwanted travel plans? Head straight to our selling page to get started on your listing or check out all of the amazing offers in the marketplace right now!


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Posted 2 August 2018

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