Top Tips For Selling Unwanted Hotel Reservations On TransferTravel

This post is all about top tips and how to sell a hotel reservation on TransferTravel. We are a platform that allows individuals to buy and sell travel plans that can no longer be used. We are the #1 travel marketplace that allows for the buying and selling of all kinds of travel plans including hotels, flights, holidays and more. 80% of all hotel reservations are transferrable, meaning you can change the name of the booking. You can use TransferTravel the sell, transfer and get rid of your unwanted hotel booking in a fair and ethical way. Your hotel room won't be left empty, you won't be out of pocket and someone will have an amazing stay at a great hotel at a great price.


Be Human

Provide a profile image, use descriptive and informative language when writing a title and description and why you are selling your travel plans that you can't use.

Date, Time and Location

Add all the right information, date - time - locations wise should be correct when added to your listing.

Title & Description

You should include a detailed title for your listing that will let buyers know where the hotel booking is and what hotel it is for. This will help potential buyers know at first glance what you are selling.

Add Quality Photos

People like visual ideas of where they are going to be going and what is could possibly be like on the holiday or trip that you are selling. We suggest adding a landscape photo of the destination of your trip.

Share Your Listing On Social Media

We market your listing to our network of travel sites and communities but we suggest connecting with us and sharing your listing with your network as well.


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Posted 13 February 2018

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