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Selling on is easy and simple. Sometimes figuring out how to price your trip or what photos to add can be a lot to figure out. We want to give you the top tips for selling your unwanted travel plans.

Provide A Discount

Providing a discount is one of the best things that you can do to help sell your listing and make it more appealing. The amount of discount shows up on the left side of the listing when they are searched. That is why it's good to set a good number of discount.

Upload A Profile Photo

Uploading a profile photo makes your profile and listing more personal which is good because we are a peer to peer marketplace. This means there is no middle man and you are selling to another individual.

Informative Listing Title

Include a detailed title for your listing that will let buyers know where the flight is departing from and arriving at. This will really help potential buyers know your trips routing at first glance, increasing the chances of them viewing your listing.

Example of a great title: Manchester - Tokyo Return Flight Ticket x 3

Poor title: I'm selling my ticket from UK and need to sell quickly plz

Tell Everyone Why You Can No Longer Use Your Ticket

Transparency is key on and describing why you can no longer use your travel ticket builds trust and transparency.

Answer Any Questions That Buyers May Have

Although you describe all of your travel plans that you are selling, add great photos and set the price right - buyers might still have questions.

Add Quality Photos

People like visual ideas of where they are going to be going and what it could possibly be like on the holiday or trip that you are selling. We suggest adding a landscape photo of the destination of your trip. You can also add supporting documents but we recommend blocking out the booking reference number or any other information that is sensitive to your booking.

Share Your Listing On Social Media To Tell People About It And So Others Can Share

We market your listing to our network of travel sites and communities but we suggest connecting with us and sharing your listing within your network as well. The more people who see it the more likely it is to get snatched up!

Use The Title And Description To Your Benefit

Title your listing with the best title possible. Make the title robust and make sure you state how much the name change fee is that is i included in your sale price. this lets buyers know that they are getting a super deal!


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Posted 2 August 2017

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