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TransferTravel Ambassador Jess - My Top 5 Travel Moments - Hi everyone! I’ve been a travel blogger for over two years now and, during this time, I’ve travelled to six different countries, two different continents, 28 US cities, 6 European cities and 9 UK cities as well as exploring tonnes of different counties across the UK. I’ve been lucky enough to encounter some amazing experiences over the past two years so, when the team at TransferTravel.Com asked me to pick my stand out travel moments, I couldn’t turn down the chance to share them with you all! Without further ado, here’s my Top 5!

Helicoptering over the Grand Canyon – Arizona, USA

This has to be my ULTIMATE travel moment – how many 23 year olds can say they’ve had the chance to ride a helicopter over one of the greatest natural wonders of the world?! At 6000 feet deep, 227 miles long and 18 miles wide, the sheer size of the Canyon is incredible and, at times, completely overwhelming. I took a half day hike inside the Canyon which enabled me to experience its natural beauty up close, but taking a helicopter ride gave me a whole new perspective. I was only up in the air for about 20 minutes but, in those first few seconds, as the helicopter made its first few movements over the North Rim, I was greeted with miles of orange Canyon rock and caught a glimpse of the Colorado River running below. Experiencing the enormous depth and sheer size of the Canyon was truly breath-taking and I had to pinch myself when I was up in the air as it honestly didn’t feel real! Definitely the highlight of my travel career so far!

Visiting the Gullfoss Waterfall – Selfoss, Iceland

More powerful than Niagara Falls, Gullfoss is one of the most impressive waterfalls in the world, and certainly one of the most beautiful! Surrounded by acres of volcanic land, and located in the canyon of the Hvita river in South West Iceland, Gullfoss is one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions. I visited Gullfoss during freezing November temperatures and it was a truly spectacular sight. Although it wasn’t snowing, an icy white frost laced the water as it fell and hit the river 105ft below, and the noise coming from the falls was absolutely deafening! Gullfoss is one of those natural beauties that completely takes your breath away and it’s one of the most stunning landscapes I’ve ever had the privilege of seeing first hand!

Bathing in the Szechenyi thermal spa – Budapest, Hungary

There’s no better place to experience the natural beauty of Budapest than at the stunning Szechenyi thermal spa. Built in 1913, Szechenyi was Budapest’s first ever thermal baths and is now one of the largest spa complexes in Europe. There are several different areas including indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzi’s and whirlpools and I took a dip in all of them during my visit last September! I loved the whirlpools, but the thermal pools with temperatures reaching 40?C were my kinda heaven – it felt as if the waters had healing powers and I came away feeling refreshed and my relaxed after a wonderful couple of hours. A visit to Budapest isn’t complete without spending time at this incredible thermal spa!

Parasailing across Daytona Beach – Florida, USA

This was quite possibly one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever done – but also one of the most incredible experiences of my life! Anyone that knows me will know that I am absolutely TERRIFIED of heights. Like, seriously. I get jelly legs just reaching to put the star on top of the Christmas tree (I‘m not even joking). But there was something about parasailing on Daytona Beach which just screaming at me to go for it, and I’m so glad I did! Being hoisted 600ft up in the air and then gliding through the sky was such an amazing experience. It was also really calming and any fear of heights I had temporarily disappeared in those few moments while I was parasailing and staring in awe at the miles of beautiful ocean beneath me. When I came back down to land (or boat, I should say) I was lucky enough to spot a pod of dolphins swimming in the sea just 50 yards away – this topped off the day for me and I just remember smiling from ear to ear for hours afterwards! Parasailing was something I will never ever forget, such an unbelievable experience.

Climbing the Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

This was one of those ‘pinch me’ moments, and one of the first times I knew I wanted to travel as much as possible and tick as much as I could off my bucketlist.  I climbed the Eiffel Tower around four years ago, on a cold November day in Paris, and had queued for two hours for the privilege! Getting to the top seems to take forever, it is a LONG way up, but once you’re there I promise it’s worth every minute in that queue! I climbed the Tower when it was dusk, but by the time I got to the top it was pitch black and everything as far as I could see was totally lit up and glittering. The views from the top across Paris are stunning and the cold winter air literally took my breath away. Upon descent you’ll start to see the Tower itself sparkle and light up on the hour, every hour, after 7pm and it looks even more beautiful than it usually does!

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Posted 9 September 2016

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