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The Founding Story

The Founding Story Of

In 2014 a break-up left founder, Simon with a broken heart, a non-refundable flight ticket, hotel reservation and a great idea.

Even though a refund couldn’t be made, a change of the name on the ticket could. With nothing more than a Facebook status to try and sell his holiday it was clear there was a gap in the market to be filled.

Simon wasn’t alone, in 2012 the BBC reported that over $20 billon was wasted and was created for people to sell unwanted travel bookings and buy incredible last minute deals.

The site accommodates for all types of travel bookings including hotel reservations, villas and train tickets.

Forbes reported that an estimated 220,000 hotel rooms are pre-paid and never used in the US alone despite most of them being transferrable to someone else.

In June 2016 goes live with Sarah and Steve going the team. As awareness and demand grew Pavel was hired to develop and design a new platform that includes internal instant messaging, personal user profiles and social logins.

Jenna along with brand ambassadors joined the team in October to expose the brand globally and establish key partnerships.

With customers already in the US an UK, JumpFlight was acquired to secure our place in the European market. With users registering in the thousands Laurence joined the team. What’s next? Implementing a payment gateway to enable involvement in the whole transaction and validate each booking, focus on key global partnerships to support the travel insurance sector and target the millions of Airbnb bookings that are predicated to go unused.

Today, is home to over 50,000 international users and a variety travel tickets looking to be bought sold and transferred.


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