Team's Best Travel Moments of 2017

Well, it's that time of year where everyone tends to be most reflective....looking back at the year and remembering the best times. The team wanted to showcase our most favourite travel moments of the year! Doing what we do, we obviously love travel. We love coming in and seeing what travel plans come into The Travel Marketplace and have all had adventures this year. We have diverse interests and all went somewhere different this year. Laurence went to Download Festival, Simon went to Marbella Spain, Jenna went to Iceland and I (Sarah) went to Germany.

Laurence - Customer Engagement Manager

Download was amazing, my ears were ringing for days and my sunburn was intense (I looked like Patrick from Spongebob)

AFI was a highlight, I have been waiting to see them for 15 years, Steven Tyler is quite…um..old and System of a Down had a sore throat…

Not to forget that I legit made eye contact with Davey Havok > my legend status just went up by 1%.
Jenna - Brand Manager

This year I decided to attend the final Secret Garden Party and what a party it was, the final hurrah! Magical memories were definitely made and glitter took over the entire event.
Sweet dreams were definitely made of these.

Then… the voyage to Iceland. Snorkelling in icey temperates between tectonic plates, a helicopter ride to a volcano and over indulging in wine & seafood, I highly recommend.

Let’s see what adventures I have in store for 2018!

Charlotte Hird - Customer Service 

The end of 2017 has marked my return to the Isle of Man after spending 3 and a half years travelling and living abroad. I’ve certainly packed a lot in to the year and so it’s hard to pick the highlights. I faced my fears and tried Scuba diving and surfing, stepped back in time at Angkor Watt and hiked rice terraces built in the mountains over 2000 years ago. I’ve swam with a whale shark in the wild, met elephants rescued from terrible conditions, found Nemo, lived in 4-wheel-drive for 4 months in the height of Australian summer and crossed the Hai Van Pass on a motorbike.  Experiencing new cultures and stepping out of my comfort zone has been my purpose and feel like I’ve definitely fulfilled that.

Sarah Sandford, Design and Marketing 

This year I went back to Germany where I was 10 years ago on exchange. It was so hot and lovely (Maybe one of the hottest days of the year near Munich) I spend most of my time there catching up with old friends, hiking and eating. I also visited Liverpool for the first time and loved wandering around the different neighbourhoods and of course finding cool cafes and art!
Simon Powell - Founder

Marbella, Spain means quality time with the family...before they get too old and while they still want to come along. The sunny warm beach means swimming and fun. The pool is always fun for the kids...okay me too.  Imagine cannon balls and having fun like a kid!



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Posted 14 December 2017

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