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Truth Or Dare With A Frog On The Run…

I DARE You To… Travel Differently! 

Traveling is fun, but I know of ways to take travel to the next level. Holidays spent by the hotel pool are relaxing but can also be a Why not try another way travelling rather than going for the classic holiday package!

In this article I can show you ways to meet locals, swap houses, or even look after someone’s pets for a few weeks all in the name of travel!  Get out of your comfort zone and try something new. Who knows, you might have the time of your life!

I Dare You To … Try Pet Sitting

You love pets as much as you love traveling? Then why not combine both and become a pet sitter for the summer ? connects pet owners looking for someone to take care of their animals while they are away, and travellers looking for an accommodation… where they can stay for free.

Dogs, cats, chicken, rabbits, if you love pets and you are looking for a cheap way of traveling worldwide, this could be it ! Spend a nice three weeks in California or a long weekend in Tuscany while enjoying the company of a lovely pet!

I Dare You To…Swap Homes With Someone Else

You’d rather spend your money on holiday activities and fun rather than on an accommodation? You could just do that by swapping your home with someone else’s!

Experience the life of a true local, anywhere in the World, by staying in their homes while they stay in yours.

Whether you’re after a cosy flat in a city, a house by the sea, or even a château in the countryside, you can easily find your match on LoveHomeSwap and exchange home for a few days with someone else. It’s a win-win situation!

I Dare You To…Meet Locals Through Couchsurfing

Traveling solo? If you like to meet new people and experience the culture of the country you are visiting, then couchsurfing might just be what you are looking for.

Couchsurfing is a great way to stay abroad for free, while meeting locals and discovering new cultures. All you have to bring is your lovely self and your backpack, and let your host guide you through the streets of the city, share his culture, maybe even exchange food recipes…

On, you can easily find a host in the city of your choice, and meet other travellers through special events.

I Dare You To… Buy An Unwanted Travel Ticket (The trip is already planned for you!)

Why pay full price for your holidays when you can buy them for cheap online? Whether you’re looking for a full holiday package, or just an hotel deal, we at TransferTravel have got what you want, and need.

Save money on your holiday by buying them from someone else online ! Wherever in the World you wish to go, find your perfect deal and buy a holiday from someone who cannot travel anymore >>

Save money on a cruise to the Bahamas, a flight to New York city, or a full holiday package for Thailand!

Truth: How many dares did you complete?


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Posted 3 July 2017

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