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At, we’re all passionate about travelling and making sure we go to exciting places whenever we have the time. Finding cheap ways to get last-minute trips, making the most of suitcase space and of course, discovering the best food options are just a few ways that all of us get the best out of our travel experiences.

We’re always looking for new travel hacks to share - aside from recommending ourselves, obviously - so we asked some of our team to share their number one travel tips.


Travel Hacks

Sarah Sandford, Graphic Design and Marketing Executive:

I have some tips for long haul flights since I usually take at least 2 a year because I’m travelling between Canada (home) and the UK (my second home). My first tip is for seating – I would suggest logging onto your booking site the night before to see how full the flight is. You can move your seat up until a few hours before your flight leaves. If you’re lucky, the flight won’t be full and you can sit somewhere where you can sprawl out and take up 2-3 seats to sleep or lie down. Another long haul flight tip is to pack your own homemade food! My favourite thing is when my mum sends me with some homemade chocolate chip banana muffins. I also like to pack hydrating foods like salads and grapes.


batch of muffins


Natasha Clarkson, Customer Engagement Manager:

TripAdvisor is my absolute saving grace for any trip. Wherever I have travelled to, I’ve always taken the time to research what is around me and ask how can I make the most out of my trip? Are there things I absolutely have to do? What’s within my budget and what are my top five things I want to achieve while I’m away?

This all stemmed from a bit of a nightmare trip to Gran Canaria. The holiday I’d booked ended up being cancelled and I spent the week before I was meant to be going away running around like a headless chicken trying to make sure everything was back on track. When I finally arrived at the hotel, it was absolutely not what I was expecting and to say I was a bit deflated would be an understatement. However, instead of moping around thinking about what it could have been, I spent the day finding out what was around me and planning out some trips to make it the best holiday ever. And it was. As simple as finding out there was a moonlight cinema where I was able to sit under the stars on a sofa with a bottle of prosecco, a wood-fired pizza and warm chocolate brownies watching a Disney film. Seriously, I talk about that all the time.

I think taking the time to find out the little things you can do, whether it be a walk, a trip to the cinema or just a nice restaurant can make a trip go from decidedly average to an amazing holiday. Don’t go anywhere without Tripadvisor!


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Teodora Visockyte, UK Partnerships Manager:

When I visit a new location I always use TripAdvisor for finding restaurants. I usually like to visit unique places and try local foods. The best way to find those “little gems” for me is the TripAdvisor app. First of all, the app has a great filter function allowing to find a preferred restaurant/hotel quicker. The other thing I admire is being able to read real people’s reviews. You get genuine and honest opinions from other travellers who visited these places before you. Depending on which airline I use, I always download their app to add a flight ticket to my Apple Wallet. This means I do not need to print a ticket and worry about one extra thing in my bag. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly! Finally, I always use when I want to track my friend’s flight or if I want to check for airport delays before I fly.


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The Travel Hacks We All Use:

  1. Watch those packing videos on YouTube (you know the ones I mean), try to copy them a few times, then stare at the ball of clothes in defeat. Crying is optional.

  2. If you’re going away for more than two weeks, put a dryer sheet in with your clothes to get rid of the gross smell of stale underwear. You’re welcome for that image.

  3. Buy second-hand tickets to travel last minute at the same price you would have paid months in advance.

  4. Water might not be allowed through airport security but an empty bottle is, which should save you from having to take a loan out for the bottles in the departure lounge.

  5. Take a picture of your passport in case you lose it. You never think you need to until it’s too late.

  6. Research the public transport system for wherever you’re going and make sure you’re well-versed in how it works, whether that’s the New York subway or the Italian cross country trains. There’s nothing worse than being that tourist annoying all the commuters. If they have an app, download it. We swear by the official Tube app when we’re in London.

  7. When you’re shopping in the TransferTravel marketplace, you don’t need to turn on your private browser because the prices won’t change if you click off the page and return the next day. A lot of online travel providers will increase the prices of accommodation and flights to rush you into buying.

  8. Have you been told you need to book your flights on a Tuesday because it’s cheaper? Yeah, that’s a load of rubbish. There’s a little bit of research out there to suggest this might be true but there’s also research to suggest that Sunday is the best day. Just buy your flight when you want to and don’t wait a week to book as the closer it gets to the departure date, the more it’ll cost you.

  9. You only need two pairs of shoes for a city break: walking shoes and evening shoes if you decide to go somewhere nice. For a week on the beach, you only need sandals and sneakers. Trust me, you will never wear those heels or brogues.

  10. Use travel bloggers and vloggers (the good ones) to get advice about a specific destination. Guide books will just weigh your bag down and will sit in your hotel room, unread.

What are your favourite travel hacks? Tweet us @transfertravel and let us know!

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Posted 14 March 2019

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