Travel Horror Stories

Travel, while opening the mind and making the spirit soar can also be an absolute nightmare. It turns calm and collected people into pacing, sweaty animals that are ready and waiting to yell at any customer service agent that they can. When the plans that are so solid and set in stone start to crumble around you, you are no doubt going to kick up a fuss and want some answers.

We want to comfort you and show you that maybe you’re not so alone with your travel horror stories. The unimaginable has happened before and people have gotten through it, and even come out on top finding solutions to their horrors.

The Heartbreak Hotel - A Dreaded Break-up!

The heartbreak hotel is never fun, especially when you booked a trip together months ago but hadn’t foreseen the unexpected break up that was to follow. The awkwardness of “who’s going to go?” tends to linger in the air for a while, until you decide whether one of you or neither of you, decided to hop on a plane or not!

Lost Passport - Yikes!

A massive inconvenience and a right royal pain in the backside! A lost passport will prevent you from leaving the country and can often take FOREVER to locate/ replace, meaning you can wave goodbye to that last-minute city break you had planned…sob!

You Don’t Have The Right Visa - Nightmare!

Not enough research, or too little information. Both can contribute to visa issues when travelling abroad. Not having the right one will result in you being denied access to your chosen destination, just make sure you realise this before attempting to enter your chose country to avoid dealing with airport security at the other end of your flight!

Too Much Hassle To Travel - Groan!

Probably one for the older generation who think that airports, transfers and hotels are too much of a faff and they’d rather spend their summer at home instead. Lots of us think that it’s too much hassle to fly, especially when long airport delays can make even the most relaxed person in the world start to feel twitchy. Airports are busy. exhausting and sometimes overwhelming, so we can see why some people might prefer to stay in their own country for their holiday.

You Get Sick - Yuck!

Probably one of the most annoying things to happen before your holidays…GETTING ILL! Why did you have to get food poisoning the night before your flight? Or Why did you joe to get struck by a virus whilst en-route to the airport?! Sometimes these things just happen, and are out of our control, but it doesn't make it any less annoying.

You Can’t Get Time Off Work - Shoot!

That monthly fight with work colleagues to get annual leave and secure your dates before everyone else does. Sometimes you're lucky and it gets approved, other times, not so much. Story of our lives!

Worldwide Events

Global events and occurrences can really impact upon our holidays. A recent earthquake might have got us scared and put us off wanting to visit, or a terror attach would undoubtedly leave us with nerves about heading in that direction. Keep up to date with global current affairs in the lead up to your trip to stay as up to date as you possibly can.


Fines For School Holidays - Ugh!

A bit of a nightmare for the parents out there, and even those of us without kids who still need to avoid summer holidays and travel during term time to keep the costs down! With fines being introduced

Insurance Issues - Tricky!

A tricky one, especially if you have a medical condition, but insurance is absolutely vital to have when travelling. It’s often overlooked, and forgotten about right until the last minute, but as a general rule of thumb, no insurance = no travel!

There are a lot of reasons why travel plans might unexpectedly change and whilst they’re all pretty depressing, there is a positive that can come fro this… has come up with an innovative idea and a new way of making sure those travel plans don’t go to waste. You can now sell your pre-existing travel plans and avoid losing money. If any of the above scenarios occur and you find yourself not being able to use your pre-existing travel plans, you know what you need to do, visit and discover the travel marketplace!


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Posted 31 October 2017

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