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Excuse the travel related pun, but, 2016 has flown by! Let’s all take a minute to dwell on this years adventures, okay… your minute is over so stop wasting time and let’s begin the prep’ for 2017’s travels!!

Picture the scene; you are living in a grand country manor, currently stood in the ‘library’ in front of a large map that is pinned across the wall. You have been stood gazing at the antique piece for over half an hour, yet no place grabs your attention. Or in real life, you have been traipsing through Google Maps for about 3 hours, stuffing in as many chocolate biscuits as you possibly can, whilst waiting to come across some travel inspiration. Look no further, I have sought out 2017’s travel trends…you really have to read this.

Beware, you are about to feel a real need to travel*

Trend #1 - Underwater Experiences

Thats right, prepare to be submerged in underwater hotels this 2017 - talk about trying something new!

Dubai is home to The Floating Seahorse, These villa’s not only have the sea on your doorstep, but you actually sleep below sea level, how cool! The Floating Seahorses have also been built as homes too (if you happen to have £2million lying around)

Atlantis, The Palm has an underwater suite, with a floor to ceiling window into the ocean.

The Maldives has many hotels that offer a submerged experience such as, Subsix & Conrad on Rangali Island. (you really need to check these out)

Trend #2 - ‘Pinterest’ Holidays

If you have already seen the underwater hotels, then I am pretty sure that you are an avid user of Pinterest! As more and more of us are scouring through the world of Pinterest we are becoming our own travel agents. 2017 will see more of us going to the places that we have saved into our ‘Bucket List’ or ‘Dream Destination’ boards.

Some of the most saved images being:

  • Thermal Glass Igloos in Finland. Hotel Kakslauttanen is based in Finland and allows visitors to view the Aurora Borealis from inside their hotel rooms!

  • ‘The Swing’ based on the island of Gili Trawagan (just a short ferry ride away from Bali) on the Ombrak Sunset resort. If you don’t take a picture, you haven’t been - trust me on this one!

Santorini, Greece is a must see destination. As one of the top pinned dream locations on Pinterest, the area is a stunning contrast of blue skies and white stone villas. It’s THE place to wear stylish crochet, eat ripe colourful fruits and drink ice cold white wine - what more could you want!

  • Koh Phi Phi, Thailand - another leader on the most pinned scale. Almost every twenty something has seen The Beach and whilst you walk through the sand with ‘Pure Shores - All Saints’ blasting out your headphones you will feel more like Richard than Leo ever did. Surf necklaces and a bamboo tattoo is what almost every tourist takes away from this island.

[Aside the above locations, you have pretty much made it on the Pinterest scene if you manage to get the perfect selfie whilst hanging out in an infinity pool and in a pair of rose gold ray bans.]

Trend #3 Staycations

Discover the abundance that is on your doorstep! Not only does local travel reduce cost, it also takes travel time to a minimum and allows you to explore the beauty of the areas that you don’t have to leave the country for.

The UK alone offers city breaks, country stays, spa weekends to luxury manors. With a choice so diverse it means we have more options when staying local and uncovering the places that are stone throw away.

Check out’s top picks:

  • The Cotswolds, (Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, Warwickshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire). These quaint english villages are located within market towns surrounded by castles, country manors and famous arboretas. The area boasts miles of rural footpaths and ancient woodlands for all those brisk english walks!

  • Bath, Southwest England. Home to the roman baths, Bath has now built a modern bath that is open to the public using the natural hot spring waters, rich with minerals! The city is overflowing with iconic architecture and fascinating history.

-Ever dreamed of staying in a treehouse?  The living-room ( offers you a luxury treehouse experience in Machynlleth, Wales.

Trend #4 Wellness Tourism

If leaving the country is a must, 2017 is the year for pairing your yoga mats with your flip flops. If your early 20’s has seen you ticking off night clubs from your bucket list rather than destinations, you may have turned to holistic healing and now yoga is your best friend. The green tea is officially the new mojito?

Yoga & wellbeing retreats are becoming more and more popular in the world of travel, check out our recommendations:

-Purple Valley Yoga Retreat, Goa. A peaceful haven, surrounded by white sandy beaches.  Treat yourself with some holistic healing or challenge yourself to improve on your yoga techniques.

Fancy going on an Eat, Pray, Love experience?

-Italy (A Food Adventure) Pack your elasticated trousers and jet off to Tuscan.  Mary Rossi Travel, (, offer a 6 day Tuscan walking tour which includes a 3 day wine & cooking course!

-India (Holistic Experience). Break down those guards and open your mind to Holy India. Intrepid Travel offer a nine day holistic break.

  • Bali (Vacation of love). Open your heart to Bali and explore you inner self. The spiritual atmosphere fills the air and the area is full of spa’s ready for you to treat yourself!

I hope that you have found the travel inspiration that you were seeking. Whichever way your compass turns, hopes you find amazing places that capture your heart in 2017.


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Posted 11 November 2016

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