Selling Unwanted Travel - Sell your travel tickets.

Selling Unwanted Travel

Selling unwanted travel: If, like most of us, you like to plan your holidays in advance, you might have experienced the hassle that comes with having to cancel your plans. Any number of things can get in the way of a pre-booked holiday, and sometimes the only option you have is to cancel.

That said, many tour operators and airlines charge hefty fines when it comes to cancelling travel, and sometimes this can leave you hugely out of pocket. After taking off cancellation fees, non-
refundable charges and hidden costs, you might not even make any of your money back, and that’s with the companies that offer refunds, because many only sell non-refundable tickets. And what’s more painful than having to cancel your holiday? Having to pay for it when you’re not able to enjoy it!

That is, unless you sell your unwanted travel plans to someone else…

Can I really sell my pre-booked travel?

Most airlines, tour operators and holiday companies allow you to change the name on a ticket for a set fee, and so selling your unwanted holiday or travel to someone else can be a way of making some of your money back.

Where can I sell my holiday?

In the past, anyone with a holiday, hotel booking or flight to sell would have headed to public listing sites and online forums. But the security of these is never guaranteed, and so you can’t be sure you’re dealing with genuine buyers. have now stepped in, to offer you a safe and dedicated place to sell your unwanted travel plans.

Will I make all my money back?

Once you’ve made the decision to sell your holiday instead of cancelling it completely, you need to decide on a price to offer it for. Although it is tempting to try and make all your money back, don’t forget that the buyers in this market are looking for a bargain. They will happily take your holiday off your hands, but it’s not likely they will want to pay the full market value. Look to a percentage discount to encourage buyers.


What shall I include in my advert?

When you’re listing your holiday, be sure to detail absolutely everything that’s included in the trip. Try to give the names of any hotels, resorts and airlines, state where the holiday is departing from, and of course all the finer details such as dates, length of stay etc. Pre-booked excursions, activities, and any inclusive meals and transport are all great selling points, so be sure to include those too.

Can I definitely change the names on my tickets?

If you’re selling your unwanted travel, you should ring your service provider to check that the names on the tickets can definitely be changed. Although most airlines and holiday operators will let you change the names, some don’t, and so you need to double check this before trying to sell your holiday.

What about the name change fees?

Make sure you outline any details of name transfer fees or extra charges before you sell your holiday. You can offer to cover these costs as a further incentive to sell, but ensure you state what your expectations are in your listing, and of course check all the fees so you’re not left out of pocket.

When should I transfer all the name change details?

Once you’ve sold your holiday, make sure you get the new information and change the name details as soon as possible. Most companies that offer the name changing service will only do so in advance and not at the airport whilst checking in. Although some companies allow you to change details right up to an hour before departure, be sure to check how long you’ve got before you need to sell your holiday.

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