Travelers Uncovered: Travel Hacks to Help You Travel Continuously

It’s been said a million times: traveling continuously is too hard, too complicated. But travelers all over the world have got the nomadic lifestyle down—and it’s not as difficult as you might think.

This list of quick travel hacks that will make life on the road a breeze.

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#1. Travelers Uncovered Tip: Spread the Love on Unused Travel Plans

If you have tickets you don’t plan to use, sell them to someone else. Whether you have unused airfare, hotels bookings, cruises, train tickets or even camp sites, websites like Transfer Travel will definitely change the way you now look at travel. You’ll make some of the cost back while helping others out. You can also use this site to book your own last-minute holidays. What more would a millennial need...

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#2. Travelers Uncovered Tip: Get Money Back on Missed Flights

Most travelers have missed a flight at one time or another. Maybe something came up and it couldn’t be canceled, or you were simply running late. Whatever the reason, Airtaxback now provides you with the opportunity to recoup the taxes and fees you paid when booking the flight.

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#3. Travelers Uncovered Tip: Earn Compensation for Delayed Flights

Delayed, cancelled and overbooked flights give continuous travelers (well, all travelers, really) endless headaches. But services like can help you get paid for your hassle. The company offers free legal representation, charging you only if they’re successful—which they usually are.

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#4. Travelers Uncovered Tip: Master the Airline Points Game

Mastering airline rewards systems can be a great way to earn free flights or upgrades as well. Aside from earning points by purchasing flights, you can sign up for the airline’s credit card, which usually results in a first-time point bonus that can get you even closer to earning your first free flight...or upgrading to that business class seat that all travelers dream about.

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#5. Travelers Uncovered Tip: Find Somewhere Else to Stay

While staying in hotels may sound appealing, it’s not practical if you’re traveling all the time. Get creative with where you stay. Airbnb is a popular option, but there are so many others as well. is a cheap way to make new friends while also finding free accommodation on your travels. Additionally, some hostels offer work programs that allow you free board in exchange for a few hours of work a day.

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Posted 23 January 2017

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