Travelling For Food - Ho Chi Minh Food Experience

What Is It LIke?

The Ho Chi Minh Food Experience is a Vietnamese Cooking Class and Market Tour by Buffalo Tours and is one of the best in Vietnam. Participating in experiences when you travel can make your time in a destination priceless. Taking a cooking class in Ho Chi Minh City could be the highlight of your whole trip to Vietnam as you learn about another culture and take in the smells and tastes of the city.

What Is Included?

The Ho Chi Minh Food Experience includes a few different things. A half day local market tour starts during the day where you can experience the hustle and bustle of the Ben Thanh Market. You are encouraged to pick up local produce to cook with so you’re dishes will be as fresh as possible. Afterwards there is a cooking class with the foods that you would have bought at the market. By buying local from the market you can create amazing and authentic dishes of Siagonese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Some of the sample menu items are Lotus stem salad to start with pork and prawn soup. An example of a main dish is braised chicken with ginger fried rice. Other things that you might have the pleasure of making are fresh salad rolls, caramel fish in a clay pot, Vietnamese chicken curry and many more mouth watering main courses. Some desserts you might make are juicy agar, sauteed banana soup in coconut milk and sweet white bean in coconut milk.

What Are People Saying About It?

There are many many positive reviews on Trip Advisor including things like “Great experience - the cooking class was great and fun and I met some nice people. They are quite well informed on vietnamese dishes.” Someone else mentioned that it is “Well organized and informative - the cooking experience was really enjoyable. Transport and the many ingredients for our cooking lesson were well organized. The narrow aisles and background noise of the market tour was a challenge for a group with a guide but showed us a lot of interesting aspects.”

With a cap of only 20 people you are guaranteed to have attention from the teacher and assistants. You can ask questions and get expert guidance to enhance the whole experience.  

How to Book A Cooking Tour

You can book right through trip advisor! Visit their trip advisor to see tons of reviews and photos of the food and some of the dishes you can prepare.

Experiencing something so unique when travelling can leave you with irreplaceable memories. Experiencing hands on cooking opens you up to the new culture you are visiting in ways that other tours cannot. When you eat a meal with another person you really get to learn about their home, their family and the country you are in.


Posted 6 July 2018

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