Travelling Safe & Having Fun with Kate Goes Global

Kate from #kategoesglobal, one of our resident Travel Ambassadors is sharing with us her top 4 tips to staying safe while traveling and having fun. Kate has been all over our wonderful globe (5 Continents, 22 U.S States and 28 countries to be exact) so I would call her a travel expert and has practical tips to staying safe. Check out her new video where she gets into it all!

Thanks so much Kate!

You can read more from Kate's Travel Blog here: Kate Victoria Photography

Facebook: @KateVictoriaPhotography

Twitter: @KateGoesGlobal

Snapchat: KateGoesGlobal

Watch the rest of Kate's Vidoe's:

Top 5 Packing Essentials You Need On Any Trip

Meet Kate! Travel Ambassador Introduction



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Posted 30 September 2016

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