Ask The Expert | UK Budget Airlines Name Change Policies - Sell your travel tickets.

Ask The Expert | UK Budget Airlines Name Change Policies

Flight & Name Change Policy for UK Budget Airlines

We have rounded up all the information that you will need to make an informed decision about selling your flight booking to someone else. Because every airline is different, it is best to check the specific airlines name change fees and the date that you can make changes up to. We have outlined the top UK budget airlines in this blogs post for you to use as a resource.

EasyJet Name Change Policy

You can amend a booking easily over 60 days from the date that you fly and with a little bit more trouble the closer to your date of departure. You can change a name on any easy jet booking and the earlier you do it the lower the name change fee will be. 

Name change fee for more than 60 days before travel per passenger, per flight. £15 online and £20 over the phone.

Name change fee – 60 days or less before travel per passenger, per flight. £45 online and £50 over the phone.

Flybe Name Change Policy

Flybe has three different ticket choices that have varying degrees of changes possible. The three varying degrees are JustFly, GetMore and AllIn.

A JustFly Ticket allows you to change the name on your booking for a standard name change fee plus any difference in fare between the original fare and the cost of the flight at the time of the change.

A GerMore Ticket allows you to make unlimited changes to your booking and the standard change fee is waived. If the cost of the ticket you wish to change to is higher, a fare difference will apply.

An All In Ticket you benefit from free date and time changes where both the ticket change fees are included and the difference of cost are included in your fare.

All name changes cost £50.00 Name Change Policy bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable, and name changes are possible. They do charge an administration fee plus the difference if there is one between the original ticket and todays ticket price.

The administration fee is £35.00 per person per one-way flight.

For changes made through the call centre the admin fee is capped at one fee charge of £35.00. For all changes made through the call centre they also permit one name change per booking where they will only charge the admin fee and will waive whatever the different in cost to the original flight to todays price.

Monarch Name Change Policy

Name changes are allowed on Monarch Airlines up to 4 hours and 30 minutes before takeoff. To change the name on a booking you simply have to sign in to manage flight booking and choose change passengers name. You will need to enter the booking reference number and the email address to sign-in and then find your booking. Then you simply have to update and change the passengers details.

This will cost a flat fee of £100.00. 

You can sell your flight booking here today, it is free and easy to do. Now you know exactly how to change the name on your booking, the first step is to register and start selling.