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Ultimate AirBnB Hacks | #1 Transfer Your Booking

Sell & Transfer Your Airbnb & Homestay Booking If You Can No Longer Go!

Can I Transfer My Airbnb or Homestay Booking?

You can transfer your Airbnb or Homestay booking to someone else, yes! Depending on your host’s preferences and restrictions transferring is easy and seamless. The best way to go about this is to communicate openly and directly with the host of your Airbnb or Homestay and ask them what their preference is. Once an agreement is settled on you are ready to transfer and sell your booking to someone else.

When Should I Transfer My Airbnb or Homestay Booking?

Being stuck with an Airbnb or Homestay booking can be stressful and cost you a lot of money if not handled promptly. Airbnb has three different types of bookings – Flexible, Moderate and Strict. Flexible means that a guest can cancel up until a day prior to arrival to receive a full refund (except fees). Moderate means that a guest has 5 days prior to arrival to receive a full refund, again, minus the late fees. Strict allows the guest 1 week prior to arrival to receive a 50% refund. Terms and conditions apply to each of the policies that each host applies to their listing.

Airbnb also offers an ‘Extenuating Circumstances Policy’ if guests can provide a valid circumstance, this policy can override the Host’s cancellation policy. These circumstances are things like endemic disease, serious injury, natural disasters, and unexpected deaths. Most reasons you would need to cancel would not qualify within these limitations though. A flu or cold is not an endemic disease and breaking up with a partner before your trip is not covered in this list.

Where Can I Sell My Airbnb and Homestay?

TransferTravel.com has a dedicated section for selling Airbnb’s and Homestays that can no longer be used. TransferTravel.com is the dedicated platform for selling all types of travel plans. We actively market listings to our international audience and people who are looking for amazing last minute travel deals.

What should I include in my ad?

There is a three step process for listing your unwanted Airbnb or Homestay on TransferTravel.com which is quick and easy. First you will need to register and then create a new listing. You will be guided through the process, where first you will be asked to add the dates of your Airbnb or Homestay and where it is located. The second step is adding a brief description and photos. In the description you can add any important details that are crucial for your listing. The third step in the process is adding details about payment. You can outline what payment method you would like to be paid with and if there is a name change fee and if its included in your listing.


So there you have it, our #1 Airbnb Hack transferring your booking. If you have an Airbnb, Homestay or any other travel plans that you can no longer use go ahead and create a new listing!


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