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Stuck for gifts for the traveller in your life? Paying for their next flight might feel like your only idea but with most tickets being non-refundable, you don't want to get the wrong date or destination. Don't panic, you have plenty of other options. Here are our top presents for travel-lovers in 2018:


Travel Journal

Save maps, tickets, photos, passes and postcards in this adorable diary from Uncommon Goods so they can remember the highlights of their favourite trips.

Or how about a travel journal to fill in whilst they travel. This one from Chronicle Books is a great gift for someone off on their first adventure or heading out for a gap year.


Travel Voucher

Although you might not be keen on booking a specific flight or hotel, travel vouchers and gift cards are a great way to contribute to their travels. You can buy them straight from the provider or on the website. We have hundreds of travel vouchers at discounted prices for popular travel companies like American Airlines, Jet Blue, Etihad, Iceland Air, AirCanada, KLM, easyJet as well as accommodation, holiday packages and cruises.

Scratch-off Map

A Scratch the World map from is a lovely way for your travel-lover to document where they’ve been and plan where they want to go next. Hanging this on their wall gives them an excuse to talk about that amazing trip to Bali or when they hiked in the blaring sun to Machu Picchu. Bring their travel tales home where they can be inspired to set off again.


Intelligent Backpack

What about a sleeker version of the travel backpack? Instead of a bulky, heavy and unattractive bag, this intelligent back is stylish and functional. This one from Genius Pack is designed to be lightweight, comfortable and can even attach to your suitcase for ease in the airport.


Charger and Memory Bank

If you’re buying for someone who loves taking pictures, then MEEM Memory is the technology they didn’t know they needed. Like any portable charger, they can take it on the go when their phone is running out of battery, but it also backs up all their photos and videos. Unlike a Cloud back-up, they can go back and look through their photos on their device without using up valuable memory. Whether they’re using an iOS or Android phone, they don’t need to worry about their battery going flat or their memory filling up.

For the technology-lover, Travel + Leisure’s list of the top travel-tech this year is packed with inspiration.


Cord Storage Roll

Smartphone charger, laptop charger, USB cables, earphones, camera leads… There is nothing more frustrating than having to untangle wires which have mysteriously knotted themselves in your bag. This handy Travel Cord Roll at Uncommon Goods means they can easily organise your electronics’ cords and pack them in their suitcase.


Portable Fitness Kit

Travellers who like to keep fit might find themselves without a gym or running route, which is why Nordstrom’s portable fitness kit is exactly what they need. Resistance bands, a jump rope and exercise booklet all in a compact bag, meaning they can get their sweat on wherever they are.

Check out this guide by Meeroona at Travel Away for more clever gifts like the Flight 001 Fitness Kit.


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Posted 15 November 2017

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