Transferring & Selling Unwanted Bookings - The Travel Industry's £17 Billion Problem


What's the Problem?

In 2012, the BBC reported that £10 billion is “wasted” every year on unused and pre-paid hotel rooms and a further £7 billion is wasted on unused seats on flights.

When booking a holiday we don’’t anticipate that we might have to cancel the trip. Most of us hunt for the best deals, skim briefly over the terms and conditions, and head to the checkout. So when life gets in the way and you’re left with unwanted travel plans, you’ll want to know what your options are: can you change the details on your ticket to another passenger? Can your friend use the hotel room instead? Can you transfer your travel bookings?

Can I Sell My Unwanted Travel Plans?

In short: yes!

The slightly longer answer is that there are three things you need to check with your travel provider before you start selling your travel plans.

First, contact your travel provider to see if they can offer you a refund, however this is unlikely as most tickets sold nowadays are non-refundable.

Secondly, find out if you can make a claim from your insurance company, which will depend on the type of travel insurance you bought and the reason you have for cancelling your trip.

And thirdly, if you can’t get a refund or make a claim, find out if you can change the name of your booking.

Most airlines allow you to change the name on your ticket for a fee of approximately £40-£50 and most hotel companies allow you to transfer for free. This means that you can sell you travel to someone else, make a simple alteration to your reservation and transfer it to them. 


What Are My Rights?

Did you know that in the UK, as of 1 July 2018, The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 was updated to make it easier to make these changes? The only thing that you need to know is that you have to give ‘reasonable notice’ to your travel provider (more than 7 days before travelling) about the transfer. In turn, they must be reasonable and transparent in their transfer costs. Remember, you have your rights as a customer, so check with your provider to see what you are liable for when you cannot commit to your travel plans. If you want more information about your rights, check out these posts about what to do if you have a delayed flight.

It’’s time for the industry to freely allow each customer the right to be able to change the passenger names on all pre-booked tickets, whether that be flights, hotels, or any other form of travel plan.

How Does Help?

We have created an online space for buyers and sellers to connect and transfer their travel plans securely. Your bookings don't go unused and you can make your money back.

By transferring names on bookings, we aren’’t taking away any business from these travel companies, instead we are actually confirming that we want to use their service and ensuring that plane seats and hotel rooms are filled. Travellers are going to spend money on food, drink, retail, activities and leisure on their trip away, whilst companies are also maintaining customer loyalty and promoting their business to others by being flexible.

For every person who is unable to commit to their bookings for one reason or another, there will be someone else eager to purchase a last-minute deal.

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Read our founding story to discover how came to be the world’s first travel marketplace to cater for all types of travel plans. Or if you’re ready to transfer your travel plans, create a listing and start selling!


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Posted 25 October 2016

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