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Vacation Rentals VS. Luxury Hotels: How To Choose

Guest Post by Kacey Mya from The Drifter Collective

When you’re about to go on a vacation, there’s a lot to plan out in order to make sure that you’ll have a good trip. Vacationing means spending time away from work and other parts of your daily routine, so you need the trip to be worth your time and money. You might look up things to do in the area you want to travel to and compare the prices with entertainment at other vacation spots. The biggest money drain will be where you stay, which is why choosing where you book a room matters so much.

There are many ways to stay overnight at vacation spots, especially if where you’re going is a more touristy area. You might get confused when you start comparing a rental spot to reserving a room in a luxury hotel. They both seem great, but you can’t stay in two places at one time. To help you make your big decision and finally secure yourself a place to stay, check out some things to consider helping you decide what you want from your overnight location.

Want to Feel Like a Local?

Feeling like a local can completely change the way you enjoy your vacation. You’ll immerse yourself in the local culture and avoid all the big tourist traps in the area. You can visit nearby grocery stores to cook for yourself, too. This can all save you time and money. If this is something you really want from your trip, it might be better for you to book a rental. You’ll get a house to yourself and all the freedoms that come with it.

Need Guaranteed Peace and Quiet?

Then you might be leaning towards a rental home. At any hotel, you’re going to have rooms above, below and around you that will be filled with people. They might want to be loud at night when you want to sleep, and vice versa. Rental homes are often more isolated and have space between any neighbors they might have. The peace and quiet they offer are some of the ways in which rental homes are winning the accommodation war. Consider how important privacy and quiet are to your upcoming vacation.

Looking for Included Packages?

A luxury hotel might be the place for you. Rental homes rarely come with anything included other than the home you get to enjoy. On the other hand, luxury hotels often come with included packages, which is just one of the reasons you should stay at a luxury hotel. Depending on which one you look at, they might have a spa or restaurant in the hotel, or they could offer excursion guides, so you know where and when you can have the most fun.

Just Want to Relax?

Luxury hotels are all about waiting on their guests’ every need. You’ll never have to do your own laundry or cook your own food. You can call up anything you need at any point of the day, so you won’t have to wander around nearby stores in search of an extra toothbrush. Make sure you know exactly how hotels will change in the upcoming year so you can take advantage of all the relaxation they have to offer.

Deciding where to stay on your next vacation will impact how you get to enjoy it. Do you want to be a more independent tourist or have a staff to wait on you? This is just one of the questions you should ask yourself before you book anything. How you think about the vacation you want to have will change the way you look at potential hotels or rental homes.

There are big differences between what a rental house and a luxury hotel suite will offer, so make sure you know your own personality and what you want to get out of your vacation. Homes are better for people who want to do things their own way, since you’ll have laundry machines, a kitchen and the ability to find a home anywhere in the city. Luxury hotels will give you complimentary entertainment packages and access to staff members that will wait on you hand and foot.

Whichever one sparks your interest more after asking these questions of yourself is where you should stay. Even if it means saving up a couple extra bucks, staying where you know you’ll be happiest will be worth it. You’ll be able to fully enjoy your vacation and go back home in a more peaceful and rested state of mind.