What To Do With A Villa Booking You Can't Use | Buy Sell & Transfer

Buying and selling your villa booking has never been easier and more economical than with TransferTravel.com the dedicated platform for buying and selling all kinds of second hand travel plans. The concept of TransferTravel came when founder, Simon could no longer use his holiday to Dubai including flight and villa booking. He was left out in the cold when he had realised that he had booked a non-refundable holiday and the unforeseen had happened. He tried to sell it on Facebook and flog it to one of his mates, but no one was interested in his close circle of friends. After that fiasco Simon had the idea to set up a platform where people could buy and sell their unwanted and transferrable travel plans that could no longer be used online in one place.


Sell My Villa Booking on TransferTravel.com

Selling a villa booking is easy and simple on TransferTravel.com. Unfortunately there are usually circumstances that are unfortunate surrounding having to sell a villa booking - breaking up, not getting time off work or some other organisational nightmare. We want to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to list, sell and transfer your booking to someone else. The first step is checking with your villa to understand their transfer and name change policy. The second step is registering and creating a new listing on TransferTravel.com. Once your listing is created our digital team will approve the listing and it is live on the website for the public to look at and buy.

Congratulations someone has bought your listing! Once your listing sells, you have 72 hours to transfer all the details to the buyer. This includes different things for each individual seller. For most villa’s this would include asking the name of the buyer and contact details for the name change on the booking. Next, call the villa and change the name on the booking and ask for confirmation VIA email from them. Once you have email confirmation you can upload the document to the buyer and they can confirm they they are satisfied with the transfer.

Buy A Villa Booking on TranfserTravel.com

Booking a villa and searching for the perfect one is one of the most exciting parts of a trip. Imaging yourself there, imagining which location would be best for your perfect holiday. There are amazing villa bookings on TransferTravel.com and new ones in everyday. That is one of the most exciting things about TransferTravel.com and searching for a villa on our website. The thrill of what is going to come in next, the thrill of an absolute deal.

So what do you do when you find a villa booking that you want to make yours? You can safely and securely buy your villa booking with our “Buy Now” button. We have teamed up with international and trusted payment company PayPal to provide buyers with the assurance of their purchase.

Once you have bought your Villa Booking the next step is to talk with the seller and have your details transferred into your name. This includes sending your name, contact information and any other details that the seller requests from you for the transfer of the documents. Once they have made the name change and uploaded the new booking reference with your name in it, you the buyer has 7 days form the date of purchase to accept the transfer as complete and notify us - TranfserTravel.com

Both the safety of buyers and sellers is of paramount importance to us - we offer customised customer service for each person that visits TransferTravel.com. Please reach out to us at any time on our LiveChat function or email us at support@transfertravel.com


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Posted 3 November 2017

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