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How Do I Buy A Voucher On TransferTravel.com?

Buying a voucher is simple and easy just like buying any other travel ticket in TransfserTravel.com's peer to peer marketplace. Once you find a voucher that you want to buy just click buy now, and the payment goes through PayPal.

How Do I Get All The Details?

You will have the opportunity to get all the details from the seller and you will enter into a message with them right after the purchase of the voucher. Once you have purchased your voucher the seller has 72 hours to give you all the details.

What Happens When I Do Have All The Details?

Once you have all the details you need you can notify TranferTravel.com in the message between you and the buyer by clicking the check box "completed".

Are There Any Buyers Guarantee's?

Yes! TransferTravel.com's buyers guarantee is that you have 7 days from date of purchase to be satisfied with the transfer. Once you are happy notify us and the voucher is all yours! If you are not satisfied with the transfer, no problem we will release the money back to you.

When Should I Use The Voucher?

You can use the voucher anytime that you like. We suggest that you use the voucher as soon as possible!

Is There Anything Else I Should Know?

Browse all vouchers in The Travel Marketplace now!



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Posted 6 October 2017

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